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Luminița is the faithful Mouser companion of Crown Prince Valeriu Vasile. He purchased her as a kitten, and the Catrineli Crown Prince has continued to care for her ever since.



Luminița is a plump young Mouser, with a round face and round eyes. She has a mid-length curly coat, with a lovely dark brown fire-light pattern. Her eyes are a bright amber color.

Her wild, curly coat blends the brown and red colors of her fire-light pattern together, creating a mesmerizing effect. The brown color hides some of the red, and the uncovered red seems to highlight the deep brown.

Luminița wears a gilded white fabric collar. This collar was designed to identify her as the Crown Prince's Mouser. It is to ensure she is not mistaken as a regular working Mouser.


Luminița is a very affectionate Mouser. She is constantly begging for attention of some sort. She simply has to be around her master at all times, and cannot bear to be separated from him. She often circles around his feet, or perches on his shoulders. If the Crown Prince is sitting, she is always lying in his lap or against his chest. The sound of her purr never seems to cease around Valeriu.

Luminița is also an incredibly vocal Mouser. She is always calling on Valeriu during mealtime. She cries when she decides she has not received the proper amount of affection. She whines during the rare times her master is forced to leave her alone for a time. If Luminița has something she wants to say, she will not hesitate to say it. She can only be silenced by the command of her master, a command he only gives when she could be in danger.


Luminița was born to a Mouser owned by a small bookshop in a small town close to the Catrineli Northern Estate. She was one of 7 kittens to her mother. Luminița’s owner intended to only keep one of the females in the her litter, every other one would be sold, including Luminița.

Luminița first met Valeriu in that little bookshop when she was only 4 weeks old. She had broken out of the nesting box, and marched her way to the front of the store where the Crown Prince was reading. She demanded his affection, and she received it. Hearing her cries, Luminița’s mother quickly came to retrieve her. Likewise, the owner of the shop came to apolagize. Still, this first meeting sparked an affection for the little Mouser in Crown Prince Valeriu.

Valeriu continued his visits to the shop, both for the little Mouser and to read a nice book, and Luminița continued to break out of the nesting box to visit him. After nearly a week of her shenanigans, the Crown Prince asked Luminița’s owner if he could take the kitten to a local restaurant for a little lunch. He had never owned a Mouser before, and thought little Luminitsa could do with some food. He was worried she would not find enough of her own food during her hunts. The owner was surprised with such an odd request, but she gave permission anyway.

For a week Valeriu continued visiting the shop, and requesting to take the kitten to lunch. At the end of the week, the kittens were starting do diss appear. They were finally being sold to their new homes. Valeriu realized he enjoyed Luminița’s company so much, he almost could not bear to let her go. Finally he made the choice to purchase the kitten. Luminița was 6 weeks old, fully weaned, and used to the taste of good human food. From this point on, Luminița was to be the Crown Prince's personal companion.




Luminița and her master absolutely adore each other. Luminița refuses to spend anytime apart from him, and Valeriu will never deny her company. The Crown Prince cares for her immensely. He does not have any servants take care of her, he alone feeds her, bathes her, and keeps her. In return, Luminița only wants his affection. She will comfort others he knows, but she wants only Valeriu's affection.

Valeriu has even taken steps to ensure her protection. The collar she wears is to identify her as his Mouser. No servant is allowed to touch her no matter what, not even for punishment. If Luminița has done something wrong, it should be taken up with Valeriu.

Luminița and Valeriu are nearly inseparable. If one is near, the other is not far behind.


Luminița's magic, like many Mousers, is her ability to know where she can or cannot be. Her ability to know and understand where she will land when she jumps, where she can fit, how much height she needs to reach a space. She can effortlessly jump to the shoulders of Crown Prince Valeriu in mere seconds, and she can stay perched there for how ever long she chooses. This ability of balance and knowledge is the result of Luminița’s Mouser magic.


Luminița is considerably intelligent. Valeriu was able to train her to follow whistle commands in a matter of weeks. She was able to connect the sound of a specific whistle to an action she would perform. She is able to perform rather complex tasks for a Mouser. Using whistles, Valeriu trained Luminița to wait, climb his shoulder, jump down, leave and return to him, and even to hide and stay quiet. Her training often comes in handy in the busy or dangerous palace and in the large estates.

Current Owner
Valeriu Vasile
Date of Birth
6 months
Other Names
Current Residence
The Royal Northern Estate of Catrinel


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