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Victor Von Gloom (VICK-TOR VON-GLOOM)

Victor Von Gloom is at least 1068 years years old and may very well be immortal or immune to natural age. Victor has gone by an unknown number of names throughout time, some of them being; Miles Kettlepot, Neval Teapetal, Guss Tuvwin and most recently, Victor Cauldron. Victor has a long and complex history and possesses a super extreme level of intelligence, possibly owning the right to claime himself the smartest living human in Cruul's history. He was once the head of Sahond's advanced laboratories as the Emperor's head of "Science and Research" before Osheena "Goddess of the Deep" used her ocean to wash Sahond from the face of Cruul in a terrifying cataclysm. Now he lives on Cruul's moon, Croom, plotting against The Blackest Shadow "Shaadah" and preparing for the coming of the 5th age.  


As a child, Victor exhibited disturbing habits that alarmed his parents, Fobkan and Oghatha Von Gloom, such as dissecting various animals and obsessively seeking information about the human body. His parents feared that he may be under the influence of demons, but they kept their concerns a secret in order to protect their only son. Despite these peculiarities, Victor displayed an incredible level of intelligence at a young age, learning to fluently speak both Elvish and Dwarvish by the age of 10 and learning to read all three languages by the age of 6. His parents sacrificed their own resources to provide Victor with a basic education, which allowed him to become an expert in a variety of subjects later in life.  


During his adolescence, Victor's reputation as a genius inventor and scientist continued to grow. He became known for his groundbreaking work in steam-powered mechanics, which impressed all kings and even the emperor. In addition to his work in mechanics, Victor also made significant contributions to the fields of physics, energy, and the study of the intersection between magic and technology. His ideas and inventions, including the creation of clockwork men, were highly respected even among the elven, dwarven, and gnomish academic communities, who typically did not take human theories seriously. Victor's brilliance and determination earned him a place among the greatest minds in Cruul's history and eventually earned him a personal audience with the emperor of Sahond, that ultimately earned him the job of leading Sahondi progress in fields of science and engineering.  


  Victor Von Gloom's mortal adulthood was a time of great achievement and success. As he approached his 50th year, he had already established himself as one of the greatest minds in Cruul's history, with a city-sized laboratory and a team of scientists at his disposal. He developed advanced technologies that automated many tasks in the empire of Sahond, but at a high cost: the machines required vast amounts of oil and resources, leading to the rapid depletion of the kingdom's forests and wilderness. In an effort to find a sustainable power source, Victor pursued radical avenues of research and disappeared from the public eye for eight years. When he returned in the year A3 999, he claimed to have found the solution to Sahond's energy problems: an endless power source that could sustain the kingdom for over 10,000 years. The technology was set to be unveiled on the last day of the 3rd age of man, but the event was interrupted by the catastrophic rise of the sea, caused by Osheena "Goddess of the Deep" ", which wiped out all of Sahond on the first day of the 4th age, A4 0001. None of the scholars and historians who attended the unveiling survived to record the details of Victor's discovery.  


For over 1000 years, Victor has been on a wild and mysterious journey. His reputation as a pathological liar makes it difficult to determine the truth about his movements and actions over the past millennium. However, certain details about his activities have emerged through his own accounts and the observations of those who have had limited contact with him. These accounts suggest that Victor has been involved in a variety of nefarious schemes and activities, including theft, sabotage, and experimentation with forbidden technologies. Despite these alleged crimes, Victor has managed to evade capture by the authorities and remains at large. Despite his elusive nature, he is considered a top level public threat by the BMSI , which has made him the most wanted criminal in the world. However, due to the limited knowledge about his true intent and whereabouts, tracking Victor down has proved to be a challenging task for law enforcement agencies.  


Victor's actions during the 4th age are shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, but the top forensic experts at the BMSI have worked to piece together a timeline of his known and suspected activities. While much remains unknown, the following is a summary of what has been uncovered.  

A4 01 - 800

  Victor's activities during the last 1000 years have largely been shrouded in mystery, but it is believed that he spent a significant amount of that time on a previously undiscovered continent, serving the emperor who survived Osheena's attack by allying himself with The Blackest Shadow, known as "Shaadah" . According to Victor's own account, the Emperor used Shaadah's favor to build a civilization fueled by a desire for revenge and destruction, and he used Victor's technologies to do it. Victor claims Shaadah completely took control of the emperor, forcing him to create a second Sahond, now larger, stronger, and more advanced, with plans to attack the kingdoms of man at the start of the next age. Victor has described the new Sahond as a place with advanced, mechanized weapons and automaton soldiers, as well as motorized assault vehicles capable of waging war like nothing seen before, but such advancements are not believed to be fully functional until until A4 800.  

A4 801 - 900

In the 100 years between A4 800 and A4 900, Victor was discovered to be operating covertly in Cruul once again. Although it is unclear when he returned to the continent, paper trails and uncovered aliases suggest that he moved about in normal society under false identities in the kingdoms of Hamar and Vangash, as well as spending a significant amount of time in the gnomish kingdom of Nervmawhbal Kingdom . It is believed that he illegally obtained the only known sample of Eradiuum in A4 880 and also purchased a large number of properties across the lands. Its believed Victor kept his operations during this period totally secret from the Emperor, focusing on preparing for the inevitable confrontation that would occur when the Emperor discovered Victor's plan to assassinate him.   It is believed that Victor was still operating in new Sahond, at this time as well, though the means by which Victor was able to travel freely between the two continents is unknown. He has claimed his first trip back to Cruul was by balloon. Victor is believed to have unlocked the potential of various alien technologies, testing them on expandable test subjects before weaponizing them for use in the Emperor's war machine, which is composed of loyal servants committed to the destruction of Cruul.   It is most likely that many test subjects perished in initial tests, but the first to successfully survive being enhanced by alien technology are listed below.   Rita Faraway - A famous actress from new Sahond turned into a shapeshifter. (DEAD) Clifford Steelcart - A famous carriage racer from new Sahond. Brain transplanted into a Gloombotic body. (OBTAINED) Gary Gaynor - A Dragon pilot for the Sahond army given the ability to harbor and unleash a dragon made of energy. (DEAD)  

A4 901 - 950

Its believed at this time Victor complete's his greatest technology, the Mega-Godamatron and attempts to use it to assassinate the Black Emperor of Sahond. After failing to do so, it is believed Victor free his early experiments (Rita, Cliff, Gary) and escaped Sahond before they were all killed. It is around this time that the group finds themselves in Kingdom of Hamar. , beginning to plot an Eradiuum heist.     

A4 951 -985

During this time in Hamar, Victor takes the name "Neval Teapetal" posing as a professor from Vangash, using his cunning charm to impress and befriend various scholars from around the world, ultimately gaining a job in the world's only Eradium containment facility in 


  Victor Von Gloom has had close relations with advanced alien technologies, including access to a crashed MFO (Magical Flying Object) from another universe, which has allowed him to create fantastical works of science and develop a range of advanced technologies.
  • ADVANCED SCIENCE: Benefits from Sahond technologies 1000s of years ahead of the rest of the world.
  • ADVANCED AUTOMATED RANGED WEPS" Non Magical weapons that propel units of metal, doing immense damage.
  • IMMORTALITY: It is assumed Victor is resistant or immune to natural aging.
  • CLONES: Victor Von Gloom has the knowhow to make clones of himself and others that mature quickly.
  • ALIEN CONTACT: Victor has had close relation to alien technologies allowing him to create fantastical works of science.
  • BRAIN CONTAINMENT: Victor can remove living brains and place them in mechanical machines.
  • SHAPE SHIFTING ENHANCEMENT: The ability to fuse alien DNA with human DNA, allowing physical shape shifting.
  • CLONES: Victor Von Gloom has the knowhow to make clones of himself and others that mature quickly.
  • MEGAGODAMATRON: A gazebo shaped machine that enhances its subject past superhuman levels, powered by evil.
  • LIVING ENERGY: Able to convert living beings into 100% pure energy.
  • DIMENSIONAL TECHNOLOGIES: Knowledge and possible possession of interdimensional technologies.
  • ADVANCED CRAFT: Able to fly in mechanical vehicles powered by magical loadstone and strange navigation devices of an unknown and advanced nature.
It is believed that Victor Von Gloom came into possession of advanced technologies after rescuing and escaping with an alien prisoner found on a crashed UFO. This alien, identified as a top level threat and capable of taking on various powerful forms, including a stone giant with immense strength, a fearsome gnoll with the ability to effortlessly charm entire crowds, and a little girl who is completely immune to any magical or natural damage or effects, is known by the code name "Dangerous Jade" and has been captured and contained by the BMSI's Office 3, WEE (World Ending Events). It is unclear what Victor plans to do with his access to aliens and their technologies, but it is clear that he poses a significant threat to the safety and security of Cruul.


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