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Mega-Godamatron (MEG-AH GOD-AH-MA-TRON)

The Mega-Godamatron is considered to be Dr Victor Von Gloom's greatest invention to date. This elaborate machine is designed to fully enhance an individual, imbuing them with superhuman abilities. To operate the device, a highest-level cleric (Head Priest) must enter the machine. The device then tortures the priest beyond imagination, causing their deity to devote all of its divine power to trying to save their highest favored cleric. However, the machine is warded, preventing the deity from succeeding and instead collecting its power in a battery system that powers the machine indefinitely. As a side effect, the deity's efforts to aid its suffering cleric also cause a "divine denial of service" for all clerics of that faith, rendering them powerless. The Mega-Godamatron not only allows for the superfication of an individual, but also deactivates deities as long as the priest remains tortured and contained.    


  In the years between A4 900 and A4 950, it is believed that the first Mega-Godamatron was created in Second Sahond under the orders of the Black Emperor. According to reports, Dr. Victor Von Gloom was the inventor and builder of the device. It is believed that Von Gloom intended to use the machine to assassinate the Black Emperor and bring an end to his reign. However, the events that transpired during the moment of the Emperor's superfication inside the machine were unpredictable, even to Von Gloom himself. The most reliable accounts of this event come from "Agent Clifford Steelcart. ", a witness to the incident and a decorated Agent of the BMSI. The interview can be accessed with proper clearance HERE.  


The second Mega-Godamatron was constructed by Dr. Victor Von Gloom in the city of Vaneesh , located in the Kingdom of Vangash . It is believed to have been built sometime between A4 950 and A4 995 in a fortified basement laboratory within Von Gloom Manor. The device was designed to enhance individuals to superhuman levels, and it is thought that it was tested on multiple subjects, though the exact number is unknown. A short list of identified subjects is provided below.   It is suspected that there are more, perhaps several, other enhanced individuals who have successfully survived the Mega-Godamatron, but their identities and circumstances behind their involvement remain unknown at this time.  


  The Mega-Godamatron was created using technology from an extraterrestrial source, specifically a crashed Magical Flying Object (MFO) from the universe of Xenopa Prime . The MFO was believed to have been built by the Arkains , a highly advanced alien race that had visited Cruul over 1000 years ago. Dr. Von Gloom obtained this technology through trickery and murder, before dedicating significant amount of time, likely over 800 years, to understanding and manipulating it in order to create the first Mega-Godamatron.  


MGT-1: The first Mega-Godamatron (MGT-1) was constructed in Second Sahond, under the orders of the Black Emperor, and is believed to have been created by Dr Victor Von Gloom as part of his plan to assassinate the Emperor. It is not known how long it took Von Gloom to understand the technology recovered from the Arkain spacecraft enough to begin work on the machine, but it is estimated to have taken several centuries. The first machine was larger and less refined, with a higher risk of malfunction or breakdown, but it reportedly produced superior results compared to the second machine.   MGT-2: The second Mega-Godamatron (MGT-2) was built in Vaneesh, in the Kingdom of Vangash, and is believed to have been constructed by Dr Von Gloom sometime between A4 950 and A4 995. It is not known how many living beings were used as test subjects for the machine, but a short list of identified subjects has been compiled. MGT-2 was more compact and efficient than MGT-1, requiring less maintenance and fine-tuning, but it is not clear why it did not produce the same level of results as the first machine.   NOTE: The second Mega-Godamatron (MGT-2) was designed with advanced capabilities not present in the first model (MGT-1). These capabilities included the ability to scan and capture the subject's DNA, as well as perform basic mind mapping, which would allow Dr Von Gloom to create clones of his experiments with fully developed minds that were similar to the original's mind.  

CO CREATOR (Doctor G'noll)

  It has recently been revealed that Dr. Von Gloom did not create the MGT single-handedly. New evidence suggests that he not only appropriated alien technology from the crashed MFO, but also escaped with a highly advanced shape-shifting alien referred to in BMSI code files as "Dangerous Jade ." Among Jade's many forms is that of a tall gnoll with distinctive eyes and the ability to mesmerize and control large groups of individuals against their will. When assuming this guise, the alien assumes a separate identity known as "Doctor G'noll." Doctor G'noll, who is typically depicted wearing glasses and a white lab coat, possesses exceptional intelligence beyond the capacity of humans and has worked alongside Dr. Von Gloom for the past thousand years on various technological inventions. It is uncertain to what extent Dr. Von Gloom and Doctor G'noll contributed to these creations, but it is believed that Doctor G'noll was the primary driving force behind much of Dr. Von Gloom's work. In A4 998, the partnership between Doctor G'noll and Dr. Von Gloom came to an end due to creative differences.


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