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Bureau of Magical Study and Investigation (BMSI)

The BMSI was orginized after the Fallen Kingdom of Sahannd was sent into the sea almost 1000 years ago. The organization began out of fear that the Gods were turning against mankind in hopes of building magics strong enough to survive such an event. From its beginning the BMSI has served the crown of Vangash as the unchallenged authority on all things magical and/or divine.   BMSI headquarters are located in the large harbor city of Gleerium where the majority of their offices and libraries exist. Gleerium serves as the BSMI's base of operations but they also have offices in select cities across Vangash. Each office contains 4 Special Agents who have sworn an oath to defend Crown, government and the people of Vangash by investigating (and handling) supernatural threats. Each agent is trained to think critically when magics of any kind are involved.   The BMSI holds the highest authority in matters of law and law enforcement within Vangash even when magic is not involved. Special Agents command the ability to detain or arrest the highest noblemen or lords and can even remove commanders and politicians from position if there is enough evidence to suggest guilt. For this reason, a Special Agent is someone to be feared by the poor and rich alike.   The BMSI employs both mages and non-casting military officers as the bulk of their forces. The non-casting members are known simply as "Agents". Each casting special agent is usually issued 1-10 non-casting agents to back them up. Agents of this kind are normally seen taking orders or performing actions ordered of them by their Special Agent handlers.  

Official BMSI Offices.

  There are 25 offices of the BMSI across the lands of Vangash. Each office serves a special purpose within the BMSI and works with other offices when needed. Each office outranks those below it, and all offices are legally bound to the orders of higher offices.  
  • Office 1 - Classified -
  • Office 2 - Classified - Department of Deity Disposal (DDD)
  • Office 3 - Classified - World Ending Events (WEE)
  • Office 4 - Classified -
  • Office 5 - Classified - Department of Crown Security (DCS)

DDA Department (Deity Defense Agencies.)

  • Office 6 - Shadaah Defense Agency (SDA):
  • Office 7 - M'Guglagoth Defense Agency (MDA): Defense against M'Guglagoth matters and events.
  • Office 8 - Hixx'lixxapis Defense Agency (HDA): Defense against Hixx'lixxapis matters and events.
  • Office 9 - Pilthur Defense Agency (PDA): Defense against Pilthur matters and events.
  • Office 10 - B'zuuzhal Defense Agency (BDA): Defense against B'zuuzhal matters and events.

STF Department (Special Task Forces.)

  • Office 11 - Department of Devine Events (DDE): Divine event task force.
  • Office 12 - Department of Unholy Monsters (DUM): Divine monster task force.
  • Office 13 - Department of Special Events (DSE): Special event task force.
  • Office 14 - Department of Special Artifacts (DSA): Special artifact task force.
  • Office 15 - Department of Special Monsters (DSM): Special monsters task force.

LSI Department (Local Special Investigations)

  • Office 16 - Property Claims and Defense (PDO): Special damage and property claims and reports.
  • Office 17 - Document Fraud and Forgery (DFF): Special investigations of supernatural crime.
  • Office 18 - Violent Crimes Investigation (VCI): Special investigations of supernatural crime.
  • Office 19 - Investigators of Theft and Burglary (ITB): Special investigations of supernatural crime.
  • Office 20 - Special Persons Investigations (SPI): For monitoring, finding or tracking special persons.

SMI Department (Special Matters of Importance.)

  • Office 21 - Trade and Customs Office (TCO): Import and export authorities and investigations.
  • Office 22 - Wilder Protection Agency (WPA): Wilderness and animal protection.
  • Office 23 - Food and Drugs and Potions (FDP): Food, drugs and potions office.
  • Office 24 - Ethical Revenue Services (ERS): Economic investigations.
  • Office 25 - Petty Claims Investigation (PCI): Investigation of smallest significance.


The BMSI operates out of offices and libraries across Vangash. Each office usually contains 1-4 agents who are charged with orders pertaining to investigation or combat where magics are involved. There is always 100 Special Agents of the BMSI who cast magic. Special Agents are trained to understand magic and deal with known supernatural events and entities. All offices are directed by the Head Department Director Orbious FowlKrumm, who also serves as Special Agent #1. The King of Vangash delivers his wishes to the Head Director who issues orders down the chain of authority within the BMSI. All agents are forced to record all events for historical evidence.


Agents of the BMSI swear to serve until retired or killed. No God or law is above the King's personal orders, and all Agents of the BMSI follow those orders without hesitation or question. Each agent is expected to obey all orders no matter the danger or morality of the charge.

Public Agenda

The BMSI is feared by most people who become investigated by them. The secrecy of the organization is enough to put most commoners at unease and those who find themselves involved with the BMSI are often taken away or publicly executed for magical treason. They do not focus on mundane issues of simple law and order, and when they are around it is usually assumed that magical evil is not far away.


The BMSI is funded fully by the King himself. They are incredibly wealthy as a whole and use plenty coin to influence and control all manners of things. They also control a large collection of magic artifacts and items that are issued on a case by case basis.


The BMSI has over 200 soldiers who serve Agents in the field when needed. They are made up of young men and women who have sworn an oath to defend the crown, the kingdom and its people at the order of the King. They are trained in basic ideas of magic and can recognize and understand some of its simpler incarnations. To become an officer of the BMSI, an individual is put through rigorous testing to determine bravery, loyalty and intelligence. No officer in the army of the BMSI is anything but the best the Kingdom can find to employ


Members of the BMSI are not forbidden to have religious beliefs or dispositions- but most agents are not aligned with any Gods directly. Those who do worship or align with Gods, take an oath to never allow religious belief to interfere with duty or orders.

Foreign Relations

Neighboring countries and Kingdoms do not recognize the BMSI's authority or task as legitimate. They hold no command or power in any lands other than those within Vangash. The Kingdom of Hamar finds them to be an insult to divine law while the dwarf kingdoms find their use of magics to be careless and haphazard.


All casting agents of the BMSI have graduated from a functional magic school and has obtained a casting level of at least 1. Each agent is tested for high intelligence and valued firstly for critical thinking skills above the ability to use magic.

Cast for the Crown.

Founding Date
The 3rd year of the The Modern Age.
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
Bimsy, Bimmys, Bims, Bimmers.


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