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The Gods of Cruul.

Creation of The Gods.

At the end of The Three Eternities of Prebian Time. , the Gods of the Material Realm were born. Breathed into life by Eternal forces, forever at odds with each other, the Gods were placed into being to settle the eternal debates of the "Third Eternity".  

The Gods of Light.

  • The White Lady "Dey'Whani Phani"
  • Na'tari "Goddess of Wilderness"
  • K'heen "God of Luck and Laughter"
  • Galugamug "God of Alcohol"
  • Farni "Goddess of Harvest and Home"

    The Gods of Darkness.

  • The Blackest Shadow "Shaadah"
  • M'Guglagoth "God of Monsters and Pain"
  • B'zuuzhal "God of Lies and betrayal"
  • Hixx'lixxapis "Poison, Sickness and Disease"
  • Pilthur "God of Pilfering"

    The Gods of Indifference.

    The Dead Gods.

    Date of First Recording
    Prerecorded history.
    Date of Setting
    The Age of Gods "Prebian Times".


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