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Na'tari "Goddess of Wilderness" (NAH-TAR-EE)

Na'tri is worshipped and respected across most goodly aligned civilizations. Na'tari is the Goddess of Nature and creator of plant-life, animals and Fay Folk. She is also the creator of life and birth, giving her much power over the Mortal World that she does not abuse. Held as the highest God by most good aligned Fay folk and creatures, Na'tari is a Neutral Good and has no desires outside of nature's path and forest law.   Na'tari is often depicted as a women made of vines, a pregnant women or a white stag.

Faith Facts.

  • Elves base their entire civilization on the will of Nai'teri
  • Na'tari created all plants, animals and Fay Folk.
  • Na'tari can see through the eyes of all normal animals.
  • She has appeared in physical form.
  • Na'tari can not appear in physical form outside of Fay Forests.
  • Rare accounts exist of Na'tari producing offspring with select mortals.
  • Na'tari is the sister of Farni.

Divine Domains

Na'tari sees all Fay Forests as her personal domain. Though she chooses to remain neutral in her personal actions, her children protect her domain diligently with Forest Law. No good Fay creature willingly seek to disgrace or harm Na'tari's domain and for this reason she repays them with long lives.

Holy Books & Codes

Fey religion is sung in song or sound and can be found in everything from elven hymns to a bird's song. Some scholars have tried to correctly record the details of Na'tari's teachings, but without sound or song, complete translation is impossible.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Na'tari's symbol is normally a woven circle made of wood but it can also be any wood carving of a pregnant humanoid or a dried gourd filled with seeds.

Tenets of Faith

Those who worship Na'tari follow and accept the following tenets.
  • Kill creatures only in defense or for food.
  • Harm not the Forest.
  • Harm not those with child.
  • Harm not the harmless.
  • Forever defend the wilderness with action or word.


Everyday has multiple is a holidays of Na'tari's faith, with nobody knowing them all. Each holiday has a song to sing celebrating a creation of Na'tari.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Na'tari has no goals or endeavors outside the plight of the forest and the paths of nature. Her will is for nature to continue while achieving a natural balance within the material realm.
Divine Classification
NG God


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