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Queen Cirsea's Curses

Black Ichor Scenarios include "soft" horror text and graphics.
It may not be suitable for children or the skittery to read.
Opinion of the writer: PG-13 material.

Laws Inspired by Wrath and Grievance

Queen Cirsea assigned judges to draft laws, and her revisions to those laws were crucial modifications made to ensure her everlasting position. She believed in her own greatness and her power to revise judges' written laws. She dedicated weeks to editing her legislative tomes, altering and reinserting content. Whenever she could, she included a footnote curse to support her reasoning behind laws, practices, or norms.   Her ability to summon storms, earthquakes, fires, floods, and damaging winds is essential for her edicts to become immortalized, yet her hostile demeanor is inborn. She became the interim king at 12, taking over from her brother. With one swift kick, her brother's henchmen were sent into a quicksand pool, sinking while she indulged in chocolate-covered raisins.
Supernatural Law of the Queen

Crusthoulian Curse of the Queen

Crusthoulian Curse of the Queen by ROD w/Midjourney

The Queen's Wrath

Queens Curse

Queens Curse by ROD w/Midjourney


Prior to Cirsea meeting an Empress she despised for rejecting her friendship, she made great efforts to hide her inclinations. Following her defeat in the war that made her the wealthiest ruler globally, Empress Iomene never hid her resentment again.   She would conjure a curse to flood her fields when a landowner didn't want to share them. If a local administrator stole a coin from her coffers, they were immediately hanged and denied a proper burial. She didn’t have to use magic for this remedy, but she found satisfaction in catching the culprit with her own nooses from her ziggurat balcony 8046 meters away. The onlookers, trained to watch her theatrics carefully, were enthralled by her accuracy. They were advised to take off his coat and hat for their own use. They had permission to dismember him and use his body to feed their creatures.   Queen Cirsea never second-guessed her intuition or inner guidance. She insisted mundane occurrences were planned with purpose. She proclaimed that the incomprehensible signs, synchronicities, and peculiar coincidences were all part of a scheme she planned. Those who took her seriously were rewarded, especially when she demanded volunteers to explore unknown seas, claim land, and plunder from its inhabitants. After 4,000 BCE, she hired scribes to advertise the lands her thugs found, already populated with creatures.   The Queen's wicked charm made people believe that her mystique reflected their need for a resolute decision maker. Whatever she commanded would manifest in the universe. She possessed the power to control magnetic attraction, flight, and heat. The lack of recognition from Empress Iomene towards Queen Cirsea's advice and existence sparked a war, leaving only her followers to suffer.


Queen Cirsea did not achieve the eternal life she had in mind. When Alchemy, seemingly scientific, replaced conjured explanations for planetary disasters, she was forgotten. Insecurity and fear of death being inherent in humans, her cruel laws endured and passed on for generations. No one escaped the apprehensions her curses caused.   The water boiling during her rages created a permanent mist, concealing the lands she created from explorers. Her deception about controlling every natural law caused her downfall.

Cover image: Orca Odyssey, an Arcane Prophecy by ROD w/Midjourney


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