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Cirsea Sand Blisters

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Lumin Blister Disease

Neither the Orfiens or the Cirsea Crusthoulians are physically harmed by the parasitic conditions they host. When the same parasitic conditions reach the Fairelands by way of their hosts, the contagion began to spread. It's effects are devastating for the village residents that live near the Order of the Shadows meeting house. It is not unusual for a war or other close proxmity to spread the contagion. Once the Six Year War started in 1898 the fungus and "odd strain bacterial" infections spread throughout Hale, Crooked Mile, and other faraway countries that were allies with the Fairelands military.   Mammals, including humans can be infected with Lumin Blister Disease. Symptoms for the condition includes: intermittent bister rashes that itch profusely. These rashes occur under the feet, in the pams of the hands and around the throat.   The parasitic disease is not deadly, but it does increase vulnerability to lies and braindeath. The Order of the Orfien Pilgrims of the Shadow, who invites the overcome to their mission house for healing are bedeviled without proof cures the Shadows devise will work to rid the patient of the malady. There is no reason to believe their condition won't lay dormant for years only to return in another form, but there is no resistance on the part of victims to believe in the Order's dogma.   infections by treating the feet with one remedy, the hands with another and the patient's neck with a salve that was commonly used for tick bites. Nothing worked to cure or eliminate of the contagion's painful symptoms. Because equines are decidedly immune to sand blisters, local doctors agree orally taken equioxpec, is an effective horse expectorant. Humans who are not cured by equioxpec, should take the medication regardless, five days after their blisters scab over. If the blisters do not scab over the patient can expect another round of blisters to develop until their derma layer peels away.
Sand Blister Headwater Source
Parasitic Ritual Water
Parasitic Ritual Water by ROD w/Midjourney
Throat and Shoulder Blisters
Palm Blisters
Feet Blisters
Neck Blisters & Stiff Shoulders
Neck Blisters & Stiff Shoulders by ROD w/Midjourney
Hand Palm Blisters
Hand Palm Blisters by ROD w/Midjourney
Blisters Cover Tops and Soles of Feet
Blisters Cover Tops and Soles of Feet by ROD w/Midjourney

Transmission & Vectors

Lore argues that Queen Cirsea's Curses anticipated that any mutant contagion she willed into existence would spread for centuries, at first slowly and over time more often. The reasons for the pause is that weather conditions and fewer hosts available to spread the binded disease bring the disease to a close for a period of time.   A blended disease caused by a mutated parasite and an "odd strain bacteria" is not widely understood. The residents of Oldfaire pumped their sewer water into the streams that run through their impoverished neighborhoods. The smell kept persons not yet overwhelmed with braindeath from drinking the water, but already near dead residents were upset by the decision.  
Two of the council members were jailed for failing to inform South Soffit elite about the effects of the diseases related to the sewer water.
— The Gazette Newspaper


A queen's curse led to the mutated union of two parasites and a bacteria. The perfect place to attract crustaceans is Queen Cirsea's storm-generated sand. Cirsea Crusthoulians began evolving as parasites colonized their throats and produced their offspring. The creatures were not smart enough to drive out the freeloaders. After evolving again, the surviving Crusthoulians became comfortable with their symbiotic relationship. The role they play in terrifying mammals, including humans who sought to catch and devour them, is recognized and valued.   The queen encouraged the Pox Shadows to experience the pleasures of being all day and night visible parasites. They were prone to nesting in decaying corpses. However, their existence depended on either natural sunlight or candlelit rooms. Once they discovered that a infected human in the midst of consuming a Crusthoulian causes a change in their high noon shadow structure, they adapt. Their light shines through their Orfien host.   It took a few hundred more years for the two parasites, a bit of bacteria and their hosts to unite around a common purpose. The thin skin of humans was breached by the contagion.   Humans and domestic animals in Haven Hills, Westwreck rely solely on the ritual water in streams for drinking and bathing. The flow is sustained by Verge headwaters that slowly thaw after years of freezing. The water's thawing and the precise combination of dependents are no coincidence. The slush furnishes perfect conditions for the thriving of millions of year old creatures. Once the leaping contagion starts spreading between humans, it can reemerge when the sand spell is reconjured.  
An empty canvas, the entire realm was once covered in sand. It is not only knowing how to build that matters, it is knowing where to build. Replacing a cell or a civilization that appears to have left a region is a complex matter. What's left of the living will return when the ice melts or the sand shifts.
— Cathaleen Orchid Garamund.

Cultural Reception

The Pox Shadows rejoice when Lumin Blisters fester. They rest assured that enough subjects will join their mission to revive the Orfien enclave in Dead Holler. Gullible devotees exhaust themselves in no time constructing a village in winter without food or fresh water. Their deliverance hangs in the balance.   The community that supports the Order of the Shadows' mission work for years started to doubt their intentions when the contagion reached its highest point, affecting neighbors, especially laborers. Laborers work three shifts a day under lightbulbs. The cultivation and collection of crops is vital. The making of socks, coats and auto cars is profitable. Outbreaks of Sand Blister disease occurs most often when the economy is booming.

Cover image: Orca Odyssey, an Arcane Prophecy by ROD w/Midjourney


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