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Float Stones

One wrong step can cost you the game

Cainis moved slowly between the stones. His feet balancing deftly to each rock as he moved. Then he slipped on a stone -- as it floated up, he desperately tried to grab it before it moved out of reach.
"That's two points for you Cainis!" Solifia yelled.
He balanced precariously on his stone waiting for his next turn. Solifia rolled the die and it landed on 2. She glanced at the path of stones in front of her, picking her route carefully. Stepping on each stone as lightly as possible, she moved along her path, making some changes as she went. She got to the 6th stone and it shifted oddly and the small stone underneath slipped out and floated up out of reach.
"That gives me 3 points! Two more for me to win."
— The Floating Fan -- by Intherin Tumplethump

In the Season

On the Engineering Stratum, there is a time of year that is a bit odd. During Hollows Season things tend to float all over the place. It can be a challenge for parents and local authorities. This can also be a time of joy for many kids and a great many games come with things that can float.  

Float Stones

This simple sounding game is pretty simple. The kids will place small stones covered in the spores under larger stones. The kids then take turns walking across the stones trying to avoid dislodging the spore covered stones. They get points for as many stones they can step on. Usually the first one to 10 or 20 points will win the game.  
Aisid rolled his die on the rock. A five....hmm. He sighed as he looks at the stones spread out on the floor. He looked for good handholds as he scanned the area. Still holding on to his current stone with one hand, he quickly reached for the next one. With a smile he pulls his second hand to the stone straining to keep his feet on the ground. He does this two more times, but on the fourth stone he realized he made a mistake. The handhold he found was too shallow and his hand slipped out of it. His feet lifted off the ground and he lunged for the previous stone. He grasped it, but his hands could not hold on. His whole body floated up the ceiling of the cave. It was only about 10 feet up and Shintir grabbed the rope and pulled him back down.
— The Floating Fan -- by Intherin Tumplethump

Hollows Season

Hollows Season is a time when strange spores from a fungus float through the air and stick to things. The spores then create a weightless effect on the things it sticks. It creates a very challenging environment for the adults, but kids tend to enjoy it more. This is just one of the many games they have created for it.

Alternate Rules


Sometimes dice are used to calculate how many steps they have to take. Scoring may also be related to how many stones they can get beyond the die roll.

Living Pieces

Sometimes the kids will cover themselves in the spores (usually to the dismay of the parents). In this version they use large stones to keep themselves from floating up. They will use the die to see how many steps they have to take without floating away. You only get a point if you match your die roll. A rope is tied to you to pull you back down for your next turn.
Related Location
Engineering Stratum

Adult Versions

Despite the inconvenience of the spores for most adults, they do play some games with it. Their game primarily happens on the ceiling itself. They put enough spores on their bodies to float to the ceiling. There are three large floating stones passed around between the three teams. A team can score a point every time they can leap up and grab the other teams stone. The game is very fast moving and contains quite a bit of contact, although it's usually only a shove as that is all it takes to take someone off their feet. The games conclude when one team gets a specific number of points, decided at the beginning. These games will also draw in a few fans to cheer for their family and friends. The winning team gets some bragging rights until the next match.

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24 Jul, 2019 08:46

This sounds like quite a fun game and definitely one that kids would make up. What's the potency like for these spores? For example if you put a little on a rock it gently float while if your completely cover it the rock shoots straight up. Or is there a limit to how fast they float?

25 Jul, 2019 01:46

Didn't consider potency. They float relatively slowly, so there is very little fear of hurting themselves on the way up. It can be dangerous once the spores dissipate though and someone could get hurt falling. This happens toward the end of Hollows Season, which most people try to stay indoors until all the floating objects fall to the ground.

24 Jul, 2019 17:18

This is super unique! I really enjoy these float spores, and it makes total sense that someone would make a game with them. Sounds like something I'd 100% do as a kid haha.   The "Living Pieces" variation is particularly funny! I really enjoy that haha.   Is there any stories of kids playing this without a rope, or in an unsafe space? Have they sometimes floated up into the sky? Actually, it might be a bit outside the scope of this article, but with the Hollow season its self -- it surely must cause a lot of havoc!   As for the intro quote, I enjoyed it a lot, but I think it could use a slight rework. Some quotation marks around the additional speech might be good, but that might be personal opinion. The sentence "Then he slipped on a stone, the small stone floated up as he desperately tried to grab the stone before it moved out of reach." is a little bit awkward. Maybe something like "Then he slipped on a stone -- as it floated up, he desperately tried to grab it before it moved out of reach." Unless there's more than one stone in that sentence being talked about, you likely don't have to mention it more than once.   Overall though, I really enjoyed this game!

Cathedris, the world of God-Husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
25 Jul, 2019 01:50

The world is completely underground so there isn't a sky and they float speed is slow enough not to injure anyone. Playing without the rope isn't usually dangerous, but ends the game quickly and usually requires getting an adult to help them down. So most use the rope just so they can continue playing.   I have an article linked specifically on Hollows Season in the sidebar. Let me know what you think.   I'll take a look at the intro and see what I can do with it, thanks for the advice.

25 Jul, 2019 03:00

Ah! With a name like Crevice, I shouldve known! I take it then there's no caverns they play in that are so large that playing without a rope would pose huge problems?   Makes sense though! I'm gonna give the Hollows Season a read for sure. :)

Cathedris, the world of God-Husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
3 Aug, 2019 23:29

Most should realize the dangers of playing in a cave with a tall ceiling. If it were to happen, then an adult would have to come with a very long rope and go up and get the kid.

25 Jul, 2019 04:03

Are the spores safe for the children? The living pieces variation sounds like my worst nightmare to be honest... I'd die of fear. Is the game something that has ever ended in tragedy, or resulted in being banned from schools or public places? How high do the stones float? Is it about 10 feet up in the air or can it get higher?

25 Jul, 2019 12:21

They can go up to the ceiling. Luckily it's underground, so there is a limit to high they can go. Some kids have gotten stuck in the taller caverns though and there have been many rescue missions. The kids are usually smart enough to play in a low ceiling cavern as to avoid any real danger. Schools are out during the Hollows Season to limit exposure. This gives the unintended consequence of too much free time for the kids. It has created many injuries, but luckily only a handful of deaths. The games themselves rarely end in more than a few scrapes if played properly.

25 Jul, 2019 10:37

What an interesting concept! I loved it, particularly the Living Pieces variation. I do think it may be worth mentioning that the spores, in particular, come from a fungus, somewhere in the article, or within the tooltips.   I do wonder, can adults play the game? Or is there a point when people get too heavy to play these games? If so, at what age do kids typically start being too large/heavy?

25 Jul, 2019 12:22

Thanks for the great idea! I added the adult version of the game as well. Let me know what you think!

25 Jul, 2019 12:47

I like it, cool addition!

3 Aug, 2019 23:29


3 Aug, 2019 23:29