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Hollows Season

The Hollows Season starts with the sweet smell of the spores in the air. It permeates throughout the Engineering Stratum and usually puts a smile on the faces of children. The Hollows is the season of change on the Stratum, where things don't work quite the same way. The spores attach to almost everything creating a thin orange film on everything in the Cavern. In two cycles, anything with the Orange spores on them will start to float in the air. Most things only get a few inches off the ground, but a few lighter items have been recorded floating to the ceiling. Although the kids are forced to wash off the spores (over their objections), they still love grabbing the stones that float a few feet off the ground. They sometimes play a game to see who can hold on the longest.

For the adults, the Hollows Season is more of an annoyance. They constantly have to keep things clean to prevent them from floating away and wash their kids to keep them on the ground as well. This time can also be dangerous as loose tools and rocks may fall to the ground at any moment, creating a dangerous projectile. More than a few have been injured by falling objects and parents prefer to keep their kids inside towards the end of the season. The Hollows Season usually lasts 40-50 Cycles with the most dangerous being the last 20 Cycles as the spores slowly flake away.


Orange Spores scatter throughout the area attaching to anything it finds.


An area called the Hollows on the Engineering Stratum has a unique fungus that shoots spores into the air.

Hollow Spore

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4 Aug, 2018 02:47

Well, finally a light and funny phenomena. I'd like to keep things dirty, I guess.

6 Aug, 2018 19:16

Thanks, I'm considering creating a sport out of the spores as well. Hoverboards with Spores! (or something like that).

6 Aug, 2018 05:05

Content | 5 Lighthearted and cute. I love how this pulled me in with the kids (I've 3 of my own) and then reminded me how dangerous this could be! Technique | 3 I would have rather had the quote be something funny, or even be a serious reprimand from a parent then the whole Article. More use of the various tools of WA could help turn this into a rip-roaring read. Style | 4 A repetitive use of Strateum at the beginning threw me off, but otherwise a well written article with only minor mistakes. Overall | 12 Simple, straightforward article! I'd take a look at the CSS as some of the font colors are a tad too neon for my taste, especially against the blue-green background.

6 Aug, 2018 19:12

Thanks, yeah. I wrote it in a hurry and will need to edit it a bit. Too neon? Hmm, I get mixed reviews on it, some love it some don't.