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WorldEmber 2020 Plan for Success

Lyraine's Workspace

No. No image. Nyope nyope nyope. You get a better picture of my avatar instead.

The things on my desk inevitably always return despite being "put away" because they belong on my desk (and "away" is never where they actually go, I just put them there to appease other people who say "away" is where it goes, hah!)

If anyone is curious I currently have my three projects on my desk.

Things I need for a successful Writing Session:

  • Cocoa, Hot Apple Cider, Tea, Water, My More-Cocoa-Than-Coffee Mocha
  • Something to listen to in order to turn off my brain's critic mode - music, streams, video playlists
  • Wi-Fi, and something to use World Anvil with, of course.

Desk Occupants

  1. My Coursework - there is a calendar on the wall tracking which unit in my class I am working on. I have a thin folder that holds up important course papers, and various containers for writing tools. My course work is a priority, even over WorldEmber. I will burn Corive if my world gets between me and my future classroom.

  2. My Desktop Tower and Monitor - Okay, this I will accept being told to move elsewhere. Once I replace the motherboard, the CPU, and the RAM that is in the machine. And then a new monitor because I simply cannot stand the (VGA! It's actually a fossil!) monitor's baseline 800 or somethiing like that by some other stupidly small screen. Once all that's been done weith, the tower goes under my desk, and I'll have a nice slim monitor of a decent quality.

  3. Notebooks - most of these are actually my worldbuilding ones, except for the planner which is my coursework. I track various stuff in relation to the Thydian Civil War and the The Unification of Theydim Treaty which in many ways caused the Civil War in the first place.

Wordcount Progression and Plans

While this is not a statement on my typing speed, my typing speed is very much dependent on when I'm feeling like cranking out words. World Anvil is handy in that it doesn't matter where in the article I write, only that I do write somewhere.

My overall planning, which was originally going to me in a World Anvil Calendar, has me generally writing about 300-400 words in most days at the beginning of WorldEmber, while I also have some lighter word count days when I expect to be working on heavier coursework.

At the end of the month, I will be working on individual characters and regional-cultural child-ethnicity articles, which are generally article templates I do not struggle to put in hundreds of words into. I figure if I start off with my "harder" to write articles, I will use the "easier" articles as a reward.

I expect I with either just make 10K words on the last day of World Ember, or may be striving towards 20K for the first time.

I do not intend to be writing in sprints - they work for many people, but I'm ... ambivalent. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. I do however, intend to be working on coursework until 4 PM on days I do not stream on (once I'm back to streaming), and if and only if I have completed at least my current day's coursework, then I will begind working on my articles.

Supportive Communities

  • Anvilite Streaming Corps
  • My players because them doing stuff means things are developed for them
  • CD10Toblin's Twitch channel
  • The #WorldEmber discord channel (currently named #worldember-prep)
  • Several of the Discord communities I'm a part of
  • The Ethnis team and their streams (I'll be in one!)

  • Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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    Grandmaster Teyvill
    Andrew Belenkiy aka Teyvill Dost
    30 Nov, 2020 18:51

    Lol, I just had a VGA screen right before I've swapped it (and the other two) for two 32' DP and HDMI ones ;)   Wish you a great World Ember! ;)

    30 Nov, 2020 22:25

    Yeah, I've been having a Bad Tech Fall season. The monitor is going to be something I fix ... once I have my machine up and running so I know if I can ditch the VGA-only monitor or not.
    I wish you a great WorldEmber as well!

    Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive