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Spike Lord

The whale was huge, but it wasn't like any other whale. The great gray ones, the smaller ones with the horn, the black and white ones chomping away at sharks, no. This whale had spikes on the spikes.
  The sighting of the so-called "Spike Lord" whale is first credited to a Captain Croat E. Salim. Other than his claims, no one has seen this "spikiest whale" and many view him as the sad victim of a long time out at sea without enough time on land.   Ever since, Captain Salim has gone out to The North Sea searching for the elusive whale and has marked out where The Far North landmass has either been mapped inaccurately or changed since the last mapping thousands of years ago.   While the whale's existence is debatable, the supposed sighting has brought about change - the newly mapped ice cliffs of the Far North, mapping of the currents in the areas once believed to be the Far North, and identifying the migratory swimming locations of north sea Fish.  
"What will I do when I find the Spike Lord? Try to measure it of course, and sketch them! Make sure my whole crew has seen them, and then make sure the Spike Lord stayed in the sea. They might be a Sea Guardian elder, since they're so different from other whales."
  Captain Salim has had poor success in asking the Merfolk if such a whale were one of their elders, mostly because they evade his questions.   Some of his sailors have noted the Captain has stopped drinking alcohol to prevent people from calling him a drunken fool. However, the sailors also note his continual fishing success despite his lack of recent whaling success.  
The only whale worth my searching anymore is the Spike Lord.

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