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SU700 (a.k.a. Luke)

I thought there were no more androids?
Then I've been successful in my mission.
  Luke is an SU700 android, one of the few remaining artificial intelligences that remained after the Android Revolution - in which the majority of androids were destroyed after developing sentience. Originally designed to be a spy, Luke successfully remained hidden throughout the revolution and moved to West Antarctica in an attempt to lead a normal life.   Following the Keln invasion, Luke joined Shackleton and quickly rose through the ranks to become a key member, owing to his inhuman stealth abilities. He has successfully managed to infiltrate multiple Keln bases and retrieved useful information.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Luke has a myriad of abilities designed to facilitate his integration as a spy, this includes speaking hundreds of languages, changing his appearance at will and superhuman vision and hearing to detect any potential threats. He also has a perfect knowledge of lockpicking, hacking and assassination techniques.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Luke was created in the USA near the end of the Android Era, deployed to Russia to gather intelligence. He remained there for several months before the Android Revolution started. As androids across the globe began to gain sentience and human emotions, rising up against their human masters and rebelling.   Luke decided against partaking in the revolution, hiding in a rural area in central Asia. The revolution ended in failure, as the majority of the androids were destroyed and all android companies collapsed. Luke remained in Central Asia for several years, hiding his true nature from everyone he met.   Luke moved to Berkner in 2050. He joined the West Antarctican military as a stealth operative and partook in several conflicts in the Wilds - the desert areas of the world worst affected by climate change, where all sense of government authority has long gone.   Luke fought in the Battle of Berkner, covertly infiltrating temporary command bases of the Keln to gather intelligence about their immediate moves. When the forces captured the city centre, he fled to Shackleton Range with Jacques Lambert. It was there that he joined the Shackleton and became a key member.   Luke now acts as a spy for Shackleton, employed by the Keln Empire as a labourer in the hopes of gathering information. His true identity as an android is known to some members of the Resistance and his talents are often put to good use.

Current Location
Year of Birth
2028 (48 years old)
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization

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