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Battle of Berkner

We gave them hell, but it wasn't enough
  The Battle of Berkner was the conflict fought in immediate response to the Keln Empire's invasion of Earth. Involving not only the army, but also local syndicates, crime gangs and armed civilians. People from all over Berkner joined together in a united front against the aliens, drug lords fought side by side with police lieutenants - anything to fight back against the aliens.

The Conflict


When the Einstein-Rosen Project was activated, the malfunction triggered a large EMP in the area - alerting the authorities immediately. As the facility started to break apart, the scientists that successfully escaped alerted the military to the imminent threat.


The military quickly responded as the armies travelled through the portal, whilst the media quickly got word to the rest of the city. The military set up a blockade around the entrances to the main city, making that the focus of the fighting. Important locations such as power stations and army barracks were also defended.   In a move initiated by the leader of the Nankyoku-Kai, the syndicates and crime gangs in the area sent their entire force to help defend the city. Several armed citizens also showed up at the blockade to help.   The West Antarctican authorities appealed to the North Russian Federation for support as the only remaining entity with a nuclear arsenal. The North Russian Federation agreed and prepared missiles.

The Engagement

The Russian President gave the order for a nuclear strike. The Einstein-Rosen Project warehouse was swiftly hit with a small nuclear warhead - preventing major damage to Berkner. However, the Keln Army then emerged - seemingly unaffected by the strike. It was later revealed that although the strike did incapacitate some units, the majority of the army was shielded by the blast and their suits prevented radiation damage.   The Keln Army approached the city, hit by various missile strikes from West Antarctican artillery along the way. Conflict began at the blockades on the edge of the city, but they were not held for long before the aliens penetrated the defences and encroached on the inner city. Soon after the defences were broken, a Keln fighter jet emerged from the wormhole - rendering any blockade useless - it flew into the heart of the city and deployed troops, then remained to fire at human soldiers.   After a few hours, the alien forces had gotten to the centre of the city - setting fire to the Parliament Houses of West Antarctica. The criminal gangs began to surrender and retreat, the civilian militia fled to the mountains with Jacques Lambert. Only the military remained at the city, and most died soon after.

Start Date
8:00 - 11/3/2055
Ending Date
12:00 - 11/3/2055





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