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For the first part of the twenty-first century, everything was perfect. Humanity were making incredible technological advances. Within a few decades, every household had a robotic assistant, every child had a lifetime of information at his fingertips, manual labour became a thing of the past as humanity gave robots the task of running the world.   We all saw the effects of climate change happening, we sat and watched as ice caps melted and weather worsened. We did nothing. We sat idly and watched the planet turn into an inhospitable hellscape. Species became extinct. Coastal towns flooded. We didn't care.   It was only when it had become truly impossible to live, when the entirety of America and Europe became a lifeless desert, that we decided to take action. Desperately, scientists began to search for solutions to our impending doom. This was found in the Einstein-Rosen Project, the greatest physicists alive tried to build a device capable of generating traversable wormholes. After years of work, they succeeded - and it only worsened out situation.   In 2055, We generated wormholes, but it brought about the attention of the Keln Empire. A hostile alien force hell bent on claiming legions of planets for their own. The united militaries of the world attempted to stave them off, but it wasn't enough.   We lost the war within a week.   Now, the Empire runs every remaining urban area on Earth in a brutal, ruthless tyranny. Their armed soldiers patrol the streets day and night, looking for an excuse to beat someone to a pulp. There is a resistance movement, making small and futile moves towards ending the Keln's rule. Our cities are dystopian nightmares, plagued by crime and corruption.   Welcome to Consternation

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