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Shackleton Range

It's quiet here. Perhaps even peaceful...
  Shackleton Range is an inhospitable mountain range to the west of Berkner. It stretches for about 160km between two glaciers and its highest point is the Holmes Summit at 1,875m. It was first surveyed in 1957 by the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition.   It has a series of mountains, such as the Herbert Mountains and the Read Mountains - both of which were mapped in 1957. There are also dozens of notable geographical features in the area, such as the La Grange Nunataks and the Gordon Glacier.   It is believed to be the location of Shackleton's head quarters, which is allegedly underneath the mountain range, far from the prying eyes of the Keln Empire.

Mountain range
Location under
West Antarctica
Included Locations
Base Ernest
Jacques Lambert
Owning Organization
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