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by hughpierre
Polaris relates to a single luminous spot in the crystalline skies above the cold swamp. It bathes the frozen foliage in an ever present whitish twilight that might blind the unwary.


Unlike the ever darkening sun that rises and sets in the west - this one remains ever vigilant and unmoving in its place.
— veteran river folk atop a Terror Bird
It is often described as the brightest thing in the sky. In truth, however, it is not always as luminous as one would first think. Whatever its source, the emitted light is being refracted many times over throughout the internal cracks in the frozen sky. As a result, it forms a spiderweb of light that appears ever paler the further it traces away from its center.


Though this is a general physical rule, it is not always true.   Pieces of the sky are as want to fall away, which changes the sky's topology and thus the pathways shafts of light would take at a given time. Seeming to create and extinguish new offspring light sources for the swamp - like the sky's own version of stars.
But in spite of what one's own eyes show, there is only, truly one.
Frog Wearer

Alternate Name
  • Heart Of Heaven
  • Soul of the Sky
  • Winter Sun
  • Crystal Tree
    Metaphysical, Demonic

  • Cover image: Destiny Fan Skybox


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