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Five great animal spirits said to have been created by Aupaipa. These five spirits are often prayed to by the inhabitants of Pelagant and often used to represent the 5 directions.   They are:   Mango-Tal - The Blood Seeker. A Great Shark said to dwell in and around the Kelp Forest of Owe and the waters below Shosai'o as Shosai'o is considered the Centre of the world. She is called upon by fishermen looking for a full net. But her gifts can come with a blood price for an unlucky fisherman. The Toa Mau are a secretive cult on Shosai'o, the Floating City who will sacrifice people to appease Mango-Tal and protect the city. Murderers are often refereed to as "under the influence of Mango-Tal".   Kura-Kura - The Peacemaker. A Great Turtle. Often called upon to resolve disputes. He is invoked when a peace summit is called. Violence when the Peace of Kura-Kura has been called, is rare, and the perpetrator will be outcast from every society. Often said to dwell near the reefs of Ochiriwi to the north of Shosai'o.   Sommo-U - A Great Whale. Believed to be the biggest creature on Pelagant. Mistress of the deep and hidden things/knowledge. Slow to anger but her anger can cause tsunamis. Is the only one of the guardians to have a "retinue" of lesser Whales accompanying her. A cold wind or a cold snap is said to mean Sommo-U is passing by. Believed to dwell in the deep frozen southern waters.   Ai-Akkoa - A Great Albatross. Lord of the Winds. He is often called upon by sailors to journey in safety. Also a protective spirit of those who are lost. Often seen as a servant of Aupaipa. Said to call the western ocean, home.   Nalomu - A Great Weta. Trickster. Thief. Musician. Deceiver. Mistress of the Night. No-one really ask for gifts from Nalomu, as her gifts have a way of not being what they seem. Said to dwell in isles of the east, past Utupari.     The Vigil would classify the Tahiki, as abominations of the Vainnuri type.

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