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The Thitan Ohavael decided centuries ago to try help some of the Ghulan of the world of Archeron recover their senses and overcome their madness. He started at a hall he called, Nolvangr and succeeded only in part with a group of 21. These he called Vinherjar, (the Blind Winds). After his death, his protege and lover, Ilvarinen took over his work.   The Vinherjar are still without the eyes they ripped out when the became Ghulan during the Shattering but they still have a form of sight. They are blind in the present, but can see everything around them, about 10 seconds into the future. This tied with their great speed and agility, means they are the greatest and deadliest warriors to be encountered. They do not duel their opponents, they slaughter them. When they fight it is not a dance, it is one flowing movement. And even when they are injured (often by choice), they have remarkable healing abilities. Even magic has difficulty in targeting them. They could dodge lightning bolts.   In the year 781, Parceviel, a vampiric Epheirim has manipulated some of the Vinherjar into rebelling against Ilvarinen resulting in him and a third of the Vinherjar being killed. 3 escape into the worlds of the Eshanjar Khorus, whilst the rest come to be serve Parceviel.   The Vinherjar would be classified as Vainnuri by the Vigil.

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