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One of three cities to exist on the world of Pelagant. It is a huge floating city constructed from lashed together sea craft created from bone, hide and wood and held together with magic. Some of the more central boats are over a hundred years old.   It is ruled by a council of elders known as the Kaumata who are also all minor Sorcerers, particularly adept at weather magic. In the centre of the city is a large floating isle, maintained by the magic of the Kaumata. This island is considered sacred and none may step upon it without the direct permission of the Kaumata. It is here the great Kauri trees grow, which provide the city of Shosai'o much of the wood used to build much of the city.   Cormorants are often kept as pets by the inhabitants and are also used in fishing.   Though the general populace are unaware of this, the Kaumata have accepted a Kephalan emissary amongst them for nearly 70 years.
13 thousand
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