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One of the three Chataurii ethnicities to survive the destruction of the world of Anoch. They now survive as part of the Exiles of Anoch and are dedicated and extremely loyal to Asherah and her Paladins. They have a particularly close relationship with the Disiir Sahiela and their warriors often join her Malageic Paladins.   They are small lithe beings who have dark green and brown markings across their bodies, with a splendid azure frill around their neck which they display in combat or mating. They are the smallest of the three Chataurii ethnicities. They also have a flap of skin along their side that allows them to glide for short distances.   On the world of Anoch they had a vicious feud with the Nauthi but on Archeron most have put that to rest, though occasionally there is conflict.

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