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Maigen Daliesyn

Queen Maigen Daliesyn

A bit of a dreamer. She wishes for a girl friend her own age. Raised under the threat of execution at small manor at Dindeoin, she and her siblings make plans to escape. These plans are interrupted by the arrival of Darius Thade who plans to take them to Avalais, the capital of the Kingdom of Esuanne. That night as Rowain and his siblings try to implement their planned escape early, the manor is attacked by raiders and Rowain and Ashelin are kidnapped and dragged away, whilst Maigen is left behind.   Maigen will be taken away to the city of Avalais where she will become Queen of Esuanne. She will fight those who look to use and abuse her, those who seek to usurp her, and when the Chovantine Dominion invades she will inspire her people and others to resist the invaders from another world.


Family Ties

Hobbies & Pets

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Queen of Esuanne
Year of Birth
1163 19 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Glassy Blue
Long Dark Brown Hair
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Suannin Language
Character Prototype
Mackenzie Foy (American Actress)

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