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The Royal Society Publishing

National branch of magic administration in the UK. Its headquarters are situated in London . It has sub offices in Wales (Cardiff), Scotland (Edinburgh) , and in Northern Ireland (Belfast).


The Society is divided in three main departments: The Magics Department of The Royal Society Publishing in London, The Magical Beasts Department of The Royal Society Publishing in London and The Timetraveling Department of The Royal Society Publishing in London. Each of those are lead by the head of the department. Apart from the three departments, there is a separate group called The RRT of Royal Society Publishing (Rapid Reaction Team), which colloquially goes by 'The SWAT Team'. Its job is to take care of any emergency cases, diffuse the situations, and secure the perimeter for the rest to take over.

Public Agenda

To keep the delicate balance between the magical and non-magical folk in The United Kingdom.


Even before the founding of the Royal Society, there had been a few different parties on The British Isles to survey the magical folk and keeping peace. But for the first time in history, there was a joined attempt to make the existence of magical and non-magical as smooth as possible.

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