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World Magic Organization - WMO

An intergovernmental coalition of magic-users around the world, sworn to keep the peace in the world for common good.


The General Assembly is the main deliberative assembly of the WMO. Composed of all WMO member parties, the assembly meets in regular yearly sessions, but emergency sessions can also be called when needed. The assembly is led by a president, elected from among the members on a rotating regional basis every fourth year.   There exist 6 committees (Security, Economic, Cultural, Political, Administrative and Legal) at the moment, which job is to prepare the matters which are to be discussed in the General Assembly. The governmental body in charge of the committees is the Secretariat.   There are few other factions in WMO which are under the General Assembly's rule but have more independence than the committees:   1. The Security Council, which maintains the peace in the world and sets the common guidelines for safe magic use.   2. The International Magic Court of Justice, which acts as the disciplinary executive when it comes to serious crimes of magical nature. It works tightly in unison with The Security Council.   3. The Economic and Social Council, which handles more mundane matters and has the least power of the three.

Public Agenda

To keep the peace in the world between the magical and non-magical inhabitants, so they may co-exist in peace and prosperity.
Political, International
Controlled Territories

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