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Shaun West

Director Shaun Daniel West (a.k.a. Father)

Not to be confused with Shaun Wilson (a clone child given to Aubrey Wilson at the end of the Commonwealth Faction War), Shaun West is the leader of the Institute and the biological child of Aubrey Wilson and Nathan West, though he never had the opportunity to be raised by them.   He was taken by Conrad Kellogg from Vault 111 at the tender age of three months old, and was raised by the scientists there. He inherited his father's intelligence and his mother's charisma, which allowed him to ascend to the position of Director.   He makes the decision to release his biological mother from Vault 111 in 2287, 210 years after she was placed in cryosleep, as an experiment to see what she would do in the 'new world' she found herself in. He eventually allows her access to the Institute, and his position when he reveals that he is dying from cancer.   His mother refuses, and they make an unofficial agreement to 'stay out of each other's way', but under the influence of Doctor Justin Ayo, declares war upon his mother an her Minutemen in the winter of 2288-'89.   He dies when the SRB sets the self-destruct after his mother leads the Minutemen in a hostile takeover of the Institute, sending his clone and the Courser X6-88 to his mother as a final parting gift along with an apology for everything that had happened since she'd been frozen.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

When he finally meets Aubrey WIlson, he's old, frail, and terminally ill. In his prime, he was scrawny and looked very much like his father, Nathan West.

Physical quirks


Apparel & Accessories

White lab coat over a green sweater vest with slacks.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Cisgendered Male (he/him)




Various scientific studies in the Institute


Director of the Institute

Morality & Philosophy

Biased to the Institute's point of view, refuses to see synths as sentient/sapient beings. Unwilling to aid the surface world

Personality Characteristics


Scientific advancement, no matter the cost.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extraordinarily intelligent Fairly charismatic Isolationist Hyper-focuses on one point of view inability to empathize


Extraordinarily clean, thanks to the tech of the Institute.


Family Ties

Aubrey Wilson - biological mother Nathan West - biological father Conrad Kellogg - pseudo father figure Shaun Wilson - genetic clone

Religious Views


Social Aptitude

Fairly charismatic - able to manipulate his coworkers, but not his mother. Confident in his abilities and cocky about his achievements with the Gen 3 synth program Very egotistical Isolationist, not very extroverted Near Pre-War style etiquette towards Institute personnel and his mother, but indifferent and uncaring to others.


Shaun West

Biological Son (Trivial)

Towards Aubrey Wilson



Aubrey Wilson

Biological Mother (Important)

Towards Shaun West




Tensions are strained the moment Aubrey meets him and finds out he's approximately 60 years old. She doesn't trust him, and can't bring herself to think of him as her son.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Director of The Institute
2077 2289 212 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Unexpected pregnancy, but still wanted.
Circumstances of Death
Killed in a nuclear blast from the Institute's reactor overloading.
Boston, Massachusetts
Current Residence
What few molecules of him that remain are scattered though the crater of CIT.
Grey, neatly kept
Known Languages
English (spoken and written)
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