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Chronicles of the Wasteland


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((WARNING: THIS UNIVERSE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE FALLOUT GAMES 1-4, New Vegas, and 76. PLEASE TURN BACK IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SEE THEM.))   The Earth as defined by Bethesda Game Studio's Fallout Franchise, and re-imagined with my personal player characters in mind. Information will attempt to mesh the pseudosciences of Fallout with the modern sciences of today and also explore the potentially far reaching consequences of the various characters' actions.   All Player characters are my own and there are no other additional "player character" type OCs placed in the universe.   In a world ravaged by nuclear fallout, a series of heroes emerge from the ashes, reshaping their pockets of influence in their own image. Whether that's a good or a bad thing remains to be seen, as no one can know their own future. But can the heroes learn from the past, both distant and not? Is this world doomed to stagnate after 200 years, or can a few ambitious individuals get a few precious pockets of civilization to start to heal?