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Chapter 8 - The Mine of Dragonbreak

General Summary

Going further into the mine of Dragonbreak, the party would be bombarded by more kobolds, trying to kill them in traps. They sliced through many of them, Wulfric getting incredibly gruesome in the entire ordeal.
Show spoiler
Wulfric would begin to call out to Morganine, the goddess of war, as he slaughtered the kobolds.
Skulking forth, Slytoff would evidently find a kobold sorceress named Fire-Nurture, a den mother overlooking the eggs. The party did not trust her at first, however they let her leave with a few eggs. Then, as she left, Wulfric collected three eggs and smashed the rest.   After a short rest, the party returned to see a small horde of Kobolds, having captured Fire-Nurture for being a "traitor", in their way. Riley showed the power of his pact, using his Armor of Agathys to hurt the Kobolds as well as other spells. Eventually, he'd whittle them away, giving enough space for Wulfric and Slytoff to get room and start fighting. Slytoff would cast a Thunderwave, killing many instantly. Then, Wulfric would attempt to rescue Fire-Nurture, but the gargoyle in the cavern ended up stopping her holder, another kobold, from fleeing. Wulfric interrogated Fire-Nurture, but would then leave her with three more of her eggs. He commanded her to raise her children under Morganine's blessing, then left her to crawl away.   Further investigation by Gilliam would show a kobold bridge in the mine, as well as some abandoned tunnels. Slytoff crossed the bridge fine, but Gilliam would have to assist the rest of the party, all humans, to cross. Wulfric was the most worrisome member, as he was growing horrendously exhausted from his raging. He'd cross the bridge much to their chagrin, and the party proceeded forward.   Slytoff and Gilliam would find the mines, littered with tools and blood-collecting equipment around the place. Then, the two came into a large chamber, where there appeared to be an adult Black Dragon upon a throne. Gilliam, in stealth, watched the dragon threaten Slytoff, while the wizard tried to negotiate and tease the beast. Eventually, the dragon had enough and threatened to eat Slytoff. Slytoff would leave, but not without throwing a firebolt. And the firebolt went right through the dragon!   The party would realize it was an illusion the entire time. They charged through the mines, trying to take out the kobolds in there. What they would be intervened by was the Wizard Illusionist named Kilroy Mancer, a fat man with a neck beard. He used his magic to counter one of Teq's spells, then turned invisible to start manipulating the playing field. Riley and Slytoff got stuck between two kobold dragonshields, Gilliam chased a kobold, and Wulfric, incredibly exhausted, tried his hardest to fight.   Evidently, while a few kobold dragonshields fell, Kilroy Mancer grabbed the handle to a locked chamber and opened it. The party froze in the middle of fighting, seeing through the door a creature dripping with blood: a red half-dragon!

Character(s) interacted with

  • Fire-Nurture: A den mother of the Kobolds, she was a sorceress that the party encountered and protective of the next generation. Unfortunately, she failed to sway the kobolds of her generation, who viewed her as traitor.
  • Kilroy Mancer: A dragolok for the Knights of Black Dragon, Kilroy was a skilled illusionist and neckbeard. He attempted to flee the party's grasp, but when they stopped him, he instead opted to unleash a Half-Dragon in hopes to murder them.
Date (in world)
May 12th, 5689.
Report Date
15 Jan 2020
Primary Location

Player Characters

Riley Woodhame: Riley Woodhame, human fighter and warlock, is a member of the Hearthstars (an organization based on gathering information under Amagus' teachings). His search for power and knowledge led him to find the Lady of the Lake, giving him an inkling of control over his own fate.
"The Amazing" Slytoff Han: Slytoff Han is a magician! A gnome wizard, he seeks to find funding to create a magic show and has traveled around County Ellis to show off his skills for potential audiences.
Wulfric Cisboren: Wulfric is a human fighter, who hails from Obesfeld, and a former housecarl. He appears to be a man of the north, covered in furs. Recently he has been talking more in a Norden accent, and has been behaving more like the Dwarves of North in his fighting style.
Gilliam Wulfstan Maydestone: Gilliam is an aakocra swashbuckler, as well as an urchin that grew up in the city of Ebenwald. With his skills with the blade, he seeks higher up contracts to fill his pockets.
Tequila "Teq" Cambow: Teq is a cleric of Amagus, devoting his life and services to the god. He was introduced to the party by the local bishop of Silver Town, searching for field experience and for building his faith.

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