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Feller's Rock

Feller's Rock was a military base and town found in in County Ellis, Lysandus. It served as a citadel for the local towns of Leham and Silver Town.
Feller's Rock was named after the Kellerite tribe of Feller settled around the base stone of the tower in the 20th century First Age. -Jethro


The main citadel itself is filled mostly with humans, as they are found to train for the city's protection and for the army. Here, about 300 or more men go in and out from military training and tending the farmland around it. Outside of the citadel is where the rest of the population lies, being mostly farmers scattered around the vast fields.


Feller's Rock is controlled by the Dragonlord William Wickam, who also serves as the general of the Lysandan army. Overseeing the citadel he also is in charge of trade, economics, and the well being of the surrounding villages from the main castle. He has a small group of military advisers. William Wickam once had a court mage named Percival the Persuasive, but he was revealed to be a Danen spy. Now, the wizard Slytoff Han and Sir Galafred are court advisers.


Considering that Feller's Rock is a massive castle, it is a strong fortification that is positioned so it is only a day's journey away from the largest nearby town, Silver Town. It's walls are made of strong stone carved by Dwarven architects of the 51st century, and they still hold up five centuries later. Also, it is surrounded by harsh marshes that make it hard to surround the city with trebuchets and catapults. The city itself fires stones from their own catapults, and trained archers keep the city protected from any close attackers.

Industry & Trade

Travelling merchants and farmers prefer to settle in Feller's Rock after long land journeys since it is so fortified. Because of this, often times they will feed the soldiers. An inn, known as the Rock of Comfort, was established into the city as well to keep both soldiers and travelers comfortable. It has kept the city afloat ever since.


It would be sometime in the 20th century of the First Age when a tribe of Keller, named the Fellerens, would find a base stone and decided to build their town there. Eventually, the Fellerens fell under attacks from Orcs and were constantly bombarded. The Fellerens grew in warlike traditions and decided to build a wooden fortress at the base stone.   These fortresses kept being destroyed time and time again from orc attacks, but the men of Feller's Rock would not fail. Eventually in the 51st century, when castle architecture was getting better, a group of dwarves offered to help the Fellerens build a stone fortress. So the men and dwarves worked together to build the castle.   Eventually in 5478, chief Aethel Ebenwald from the city of Brymoor asked Chief Percen the Elder, the Lord of Feller's Rock, for assistance in battling the aggressive Bolderun Dwarves. Percen, loyal to the Dwarves, denied him of an alliance. Thus, Aethel would challenge the man to a duel. Percen lost the duel and Aethel Ebenwald became the new Lord of Feller's Rock. Then, he used the position of the city to make it into a military base in his war with the dwarves. It would be the start of the new Kingdom of Lysandus.   During the 57th Century, Feller's Rock has continued in military training and exercises in order to keep Lysandus' army at top rank. It's main issue was dealing with the insurgency of the Black Dragons, to which it was forced to combat as they tried to take over County Ellis. Then a group of heroes, dubbed the Southern Stars, eliminated a kobold infestation in the mine near the city, and overthrew a spy named Percival.

Natural Resources

Surrounding Feller's Rock are plenty of marshy farms, in which the peasantry use to grow types of rice, as well as watercress and celery. Pond fish are also not uncommon to see and for the peasantry to cook and eat for fast and simple meals.
Military, Base
~500 citizens
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