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The Wayfinder Constellation

A series of stars above the northern pole of Solia take the shape of a sinuous dragon. Known as The Wayfinder, the constellation helps guide mariners and explorers, as the dragon's eye gives a bearing on true north. Dragons know this constellation as the home of The Wayfinder, a revered deity of old.   The Wayfinder is relatively unknown to the cultures of the southern hemisphere, with knowledge being limited to that brought by travelers from the north.


The central star of the constellation, known as "the Wyrm's Eye" is a Type "O" roughly sixty times the mass of Solia's sun, emitting a blue-white light. The remaining stars in the constellation are smaller type "B" stars just slightly larger and heavier than Solia's sun.   Only the Eye is visible from north of the equatorial region; the Wayfinder constellation disappears at ten degrees south. The further north one travels, more of the constellation is visible, with its full shape visible at seventy degrees north.


When The Wayfinder was elevated to divinity, it is said that she painted the northern sky with her form and breath, illuminating the constellation for all to see, so that none who traveled would be lost for good. Through antiquity, the original myth of the constellation's creation and connection to the deity had been lost.   While known to Dragons, the constellation was discovered and put to record by the Valmys Expedition, who used the Dragon's Eye to mark their location relative to Leithlein and Nuaira as they circumnavigated the globe. This knowledge was passed on to the Ezirandi, who had not yet named the stars, by the Haphrises Delegation.   In the years before The Haphrises War, joint expeditions into the Dunmaerik Plateau that met with dragon-kin learned the Constellation's name, adding it to the records of the time.
Alternative Name(s)
The Dragon, The North Wyrm


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Jul 6, 2020 11:59

I enjoyed the creation myth for this constellation. There was one sentence, however, which is missing something for it to make sense: "Through antiquity, the original myth of the constellation's creation and connection to the deity."   Always happy to find another Pathfinder world in here too :D

Jul 7, 2020 06:54 by Pax Sequoia

Oh my goodness, thank you for catching that! Edited!

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