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Crystal Spires of Delikii

The Crystal Spires of Delikii were once a marvel of Nuaira and Golenti unity, an observatory that allowed the Nuaira to study the stars and the moon. After the fall of Delikii, they were lost to the forces of the Dragon Oddrysdym.   In the years since their fall, the Crystal Spires have been converted to a prison for the Forgotten Legion and others, the crystals used proving to be a conduit for magic that enables the draconic powers of the citadel to trap their victims outside of time itself.

Purpose / Function

Originally, the Crystal Spires were formed to allow the Nuaira to gaze upon the stars, in an attempt to recognize a constellation that might give them a bearing to find their way home. When it became apparent they would not be able to find one, the Crystal Spires were converted to the purpose of general astronomy.   In viewing through the vastness of space, the Nuaira scholars stumbled upon a method to part the fabric of time, such that they could observe distant events and star systems in real-time, rather than viewing the events that had unfolded when the light first left. They called this process Chronomancy  After Delikii fell, the draconic invaders discovered the observatory and the Nuaira notes. Through torture and mind-controlling magic, they learned of the Oernomancer's secrets and turned them to their own dark purposes: to defeat time itself. They came close, but did not succeed. Instead, the dragons found a way to use the crystals themselves to suspend time within the spires. While time passed as normal on the outside, it did not move on the inside.   The arrival of the Nuaira Legion allowed the dragon-blooded a chance to test the effects of their study, imprisoning the legion in the spires. Some, they learned, could speed up the time within the spire until seconds outside were equal to centuries within, evidenced when a Nuaira soldier turned to dust after being brought out of confinement.   So it is the famed Crystal Spires of Delikii became a prison outside of time, and a place for dragonkin to study powerful magic.


The Crystal Spires are constructed of living crystals upon a bed made up of the heartstone of the mountain. Each crystal is faceted deliberately through magic, the particular facets allowing the use of magical energy.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
The Crystal Prison, The Observatory of Time
Parent Location

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