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(Bait) The Greatest Baiting of the Sagwalli Templar (aka how to start a civil war in the LIR)

The Sagwalli Templar are pretty easy to bait, even by the standards of any of the military forces of The LIR or League of Intelligent Races, but this truly is the most incredible instance of them being baited into doing something stupid.

Human agents: Hey Sagwalli Templar?

ST: What? I'm busy guarding worlds while the LIR prepares an invasion of that collection of empires ruled by your distant relatives, LIR citizen that I'm certain is loyal to the LIR and follows our religion.

Human agents: What religion?

ST: ... the religion... worship of the Toppers (top lads in the LIR) as messengers of the gods?

Human agents: hate to break it to ya but most LIR citizens are athiests or agnostic, and then very few of the religious ones actually follow the same religion as you.

ST: ... but... how?

Human agents: But this religion sounds stupid there's no way anyone's listening to you unless you make them.

And that's how the LIR had to cancel an invasion of Humanity, right when humanity would've been at its easiest to take down as the The Unification War war was happening, and attack what was previously its most loyal military unit because said military unit was ignoring its previous orders, being to keep the LIR from getting invaded by any of the many smaller space empires on all sides of it, and attacking the LIR's citizens. This led to a civil war in the LIR due to how the Toppers intended not to punish the Sagwalli and those on the edges of the LIR wanting to be part of other empires whose military units didn't attack the citizens they were meant to defend.


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