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(Enchanted) The Biggest Magic Trick There Ever Was

Davero: Hey guys wanna see a magic trick?

Audience: yeah.

Davero: I can't hea-

Audience: -just do the damn trick.

Davero: *much rage* well I guess it's time for my next trick - the disappearing audience!

Audience: Wai-

Davero: *snaps fingers*

Audience: *skapoof* *leaves wallets behind*

Yep. That not only happened but the audience of 40,000 did actually go somewhere: they were found in Ikeaia, a gargantuan IKEA covering the entire surface of a moon, 2 months later, having survived by eating nothing but meatballs and the flesh of the deformed genetically modified staff that worked at the facility. (fine it's an SCP reference )

Nobody knew for sure how he did it (but numerous scientific explanations do exist... just not ones that suit the fact that he was meant to be broke), but, to this day, nobody has trumped him. He's also still in prison as the deaths of those IKEA staff, as well as those of several of the audience, were classed as his fault... as well as charges of theft, kidnapping...

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