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Chellok "Me? I'm here to study the first total Chellokan eclipse in 193 years." — Professor Jeddon Vey

23 HE

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The YNSP invites YOU to join its Chellokan Immigration Program!

  We are looking for the best and brightest to make the pilgrimage to Sekora's only other habitable moon. If you're looking for a fresh start, just turn your eyes to the sky. Chellok, that magical and beautiful gem and the source of inspiration for so many of our myths and stories, is getting bigger and bigger every single day as we approach total Chellokan eclipse later this year!

  94 years ago it was a Yeamu telescope that identified Chellok as being capable of supporting human life, 23 years ago the YNSP was the first to successfully land humans on the surface, and we did it more times and more reliably than any other colonization program. We've spent the interim preparing to do it again. With two decades of technological progress and the moons finally lining up again this year, we are ready to send the next wave of pilgrims.

  Communication is not easy, but we've learned a lot from the data packets that the colonists on Chellok send back... the ones that get through the interference at least. Their moon is raw, wild, and untamed, but the beauty is breathtaking. There is always an adventure and something new to discover.

  Of course the biggest discovery was that we humans are not alone in this universe. The sugrans were already on Chellok... is the polite way to say it. Nevertheless, both human and sugran colonists have demarcated territory and created nations. There are even new waves of religious and philosophical thought uniting both species. So, it's not just scientists, engineers, and researchers going for a front row seat to the total eclipse. On Chellok...
There's Something for Everyone!




The Chellokan Eclipse


Four pilgrims hoping for a fresh start on Chellok have to decide where their honor, loyalty, and morality lies when they get involved in more than they bargained for.