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How I Will be Rating Summer Camp Responses for my Sponsored Prompt

I got hyped for my second ever Summer Camp, and decided to sponsor a prompt when the little rectangle in my pocket said they needed sponsors. They actually do let anyone sponsor, and so now you all have a tired teacher, me, who was so preoccupied with work and family during SC that I only wrote one prompt during all of July. And here I am in August with the semester finally over, and 237 imaginary "lost or discovered monuments" to read about.

I'm allowed to "judge" the entries in any way I see fit, according to WA. So I went ahead and flexed my teacher-y skills to produce a Summer Camp Prompt Response Rubric. See below. There's no way I'm printing 237 copies, but I will use this to simply and quickly move through the entries. Since I can only choose one, I'm going to be very strict and very subjective, albeit within the guidelines of my rubric. If you want any specific feedback on your entry, leave a comment on this article. Good luck to all!


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10 Aug, 2022 13:00

I have sorted the entries alphabetically by title and have rated two so far. Next is Aernardum's Obelisk.

10 Aug, 2022 13:54

I am easy to please when it comes to feedback. (Throne of Broken Kings)   What did you like, what didn't you like, were there any questions stirred in your imagination that, if answered, you feel would improve the article? That sort of thing.   As a former (and likely future) WE judge, good luck and enjoy the reading.

23 Aug, 2022 11:53

The more entries I read, the more selective I find myself having to become. I don't like having to look for negative things in people's creative writing, but here I am. I will not be a judge again. This is not fun.   Also, I'm basically eliminating any entries from the running if the starting paragraph is mainly in passive voice or if there is lots of trite, "no one knows how it was made..." escaping having to write their ideas.

24 Aug, 2022 13:23

Since you offered it, I will gladly take you up on asking you for a more specific feedback on my entrie (Tarz-Rûk die Siegesbrücke).
Looking forward to it.

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26 Aug, 2022 09:00

Gotta say, one teacher to another, I really like how organized the rubric is.

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7 Sep, 2022 02:03

I always seem to be able to direct my energies anywhere but where they should go... haha