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Crescent of Finality

University of Saebia | College of Sugran Studies

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  Crescent of Finality is the Yeamese translation of and name for the sugran generational world-ship Kanshor na Mekketh. The ship is of paramount importance in sugran culture; differing fundamental views regarding the ship led to the political movements that created the three separate sugran nations on Chellok: Torgath, Gurrat, and Kranath.   Although most humans on Chellok recognize the name of the ship as the sugrans' former home, few primary sources of information or records of the ship exist and even fewer have been translated into Yeamese. The bulk of human knowledge about the Crescent of Finality comes from the journal of Sonnuk Yaga (? SE - 204 SE), which was recovered during Larta Aquon's famous expedition to Uaba Cave.  

Journal entries mentioning the Crescent of Finality

The following journal excerpts have been selected by senior faculty in the College of Sugran Studies to give current and prospective students a brief introduction to the Crescent of Finality and more importantly to help dispel many of the common myths and rumors incoming students have often heard about the ship. The following entries have been translated from the original Sugranese. Dates have been adapted to the modern Chellokan calendar.

First mention of the ship's origin and defining characteristics 

UABA CAVE, 14th day of Month 32, 204 SE

  ...Everything on this moon is still so new that despite the difficulties of life here, I do not long to return to the Cresent. Each of us must deal with the "great expulsion" in our own way, for none of us are ever going to return to her bosom in this life. I found a peace with my new life here upon overhearing an argument between a few elders yesterday during a stroll near the cave entrance. In a tirade, one of them claimed that it was innate sugran perseverance and ingenuity that allowed our ancestors to construct the original kernels of the Kanshor na Mekketh and escape our doomed ancestral homeworld. I did not know this elder's name, nor did I linger to eavesdrop further. Nevertheless, the spirit and vigor in her voice renewed a faith within me, a faith that we were not abandoned here to die, but to once again till soil and grow not only our livelihoods, but a newer and greater chapter in the history of our people.   In unbosomed honesty however, I must confess to missing dearly friends and family. I wept last night at the thought of never again seeing the Beilin Saxora and remembering the awe on Uvas' and Duwar's faces while looking at the eternal sky as we traversed the Lanom conduits.1 ...  
1Based on references elsewhere in the source work and anecdotal evidence gathered in the making of this translation Lanom conduits are believed to be an advanced technological method of modifying a beam of photons and gravitons in order to tether sections of or entire sugran space vessels together.

The oldest primary source providing insight into the ship's cultural importance and the psyche of early Chellokan sugrans

UABA CAVE, 20th day of Month 37, 204 SE

  ... But I like to think that my mind returns to the Crescent not for the past but for the future. Two days ago near the entrance to the cave one of our fellow exiles bore a child, the first sugran born on Pelseketh. How different will life be for this new one from the life all of us have known? I ought to record a few memories of the Crescent for posterity while they are still relatively fresh in my mind. Pelseketh has proven already to be full of surprises. Tomorrow's happenings cannot be known. However, talk of the ship has all but become taboo after the terrible time we have suffered in this wretched cave, but I remain resolved that in better times our descendants will look to what we here now leave behind in order to understand their lives on Pelseketh.   I write these words to those yet unbosomed, but I apologize in advance, for how can I possibly hope to succinctly describe the Crescent of Finality, our last hope, our sole home for 68 generations, our grand vessel and protector that carried us and still carries our soipele. Perhaps a story is the best place to start.2  
2The following story, which spans multiple journal entries, has been liberally abridged to include only sections that specifically describe the Crescent of Finality. Students wishing to read the story in full are advised to purchase a copy of the complete translation, The Journal of Sonnuk Yaga: 22 months on Chellok by University of Saebia Press.

Professor Santai Marf's depiction of the basic structure of Crescent of Finality

Crescent of Finality
An artists depiction of the basic structure of the sugran's generational world-ship, Crescent of Finality.
    ...Terlis explained to the congress of ship captains how the mechanisms of the original super-structure could be modified to great advantage, how the center of gravity could be utilized. She pleaded with them. If her plan were enacted, the Crescent would become entirely self-sufficient indefinitely. Never again would they need to plot courses to dangerous asteroid fields or ration food and energy for decades at a time. No more malnourished children. No more deep-space radiation poisoning. The congress debated for over a bilites, and ultimately Terlis' plan was everything she claimed it to be. ...   ... It would not be difficult to tow asteroids into the gravitational center of the fleet. The problem was that as the fleet's center of gravity shifted as the ships revolved around each other, the asteroids would be pushed about and would never be stable in the center for long. Terlis' grand plan involved constructing a large sphere around the collected asteroids. Originally she had just planned to use this sphere to keep the towed asteroids in place, and provide a optimal platform for the drone harvesters as they mined and delivered raw materials throughout the ship. However, by constructing a sphere capable of maintaining Lanom conduits, Terlis realized that with enough concentric spheres, the entire fleet could be centrally tethered and generate gravity, energy, and a magnetosphere strong enough to redirect interstellar radiation.   ... After listening to the engineers argue again and again, Terlis summoned her final strength to rise from her deathbed. It was then she uttered those trite words that all sugran know,
"Sugrankind has not sailed the stars to step back now." — Terlis Yar
and insisted that she be the first to traverse a conduit without an exo-suit. The usual stories always say she stepped into the conduit braver than ever, but in unbosomed honesty I believe she felt fear like any of the others. But her logic triumphed over fear, an example that will serve all of us here on Pelseketh well.

Crescent of Finality (Kanshor na Mekketh)

General characteristics (estimated)

Type: Composite fleet dynamically tethered via Lanom conduits
Mass (total): 10.631 quintillion kgs 
Diameter: 1.192 million km (fleet average) / 7.109 million km (magnetosphere) / 2,268 km (core)
Ships tethered: 5,828
Propulsion: 10,193 x Oso-pattern repulsor engines
Speed: 180.4 million km/hr (16.7% the speed of light)
Range: Unlimited distance; 15-16 Sekoran years
Lanom Conduits
  Lanom conduits are assumed to be an advanced "hard-light" technology used by the sugran to link individual sections and ships of their generational world-ship together. The sugrans originally developed the conduit technology to prevent collisions during refueling and resupplying between early space-faring vessels. They refined and perfected the technology over generations of space travel into the "hard," energy-generating tether that makes the Crescent, essentially a sailing solar system, possible.  

Beilin Saxora

  'Threnody of Stone'
  This central core of the Crescent of Finality is assumed to be a multi-layered structure of concentric spheres surrounding a mass of collected asteroids. The fleet's center of gravity shifts between layers as the individual sections or ships tethered to the core revolve around it. As the Lanom conduits move through the layers of the core and across its surfaces, the Crescent generates and distributes energy throughout the fleet.

About the Archives

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Author's Notes

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Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
1 Oct, 2021 18:33

I like the journal entries to tell the story! And the extra follow request worked into that sidebar.   The Journal entry titles might be better as descriptive and the date/journal entry stamp below the descriptive title. I think that might improve readability.   I like the size of the paragraphs and general layout. One of the middle paragraphs is long but you highlighted key parts.

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Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback, Sage George! Seriously. Those are good points. I had a feeling the article was becoming a wall of text, and was having trouble of thinking of ways to break it up that made sense. The descriptions for the journal entries is a good idea. Haha, that follow request was kind of a joke but fit well I thought.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
4 Oct, 2021 20:43

This is a very interesting way to present the story. I love that the first settlers of this new planet were not particularly happy at being forced to leave their ship to settle. It's also an interesting design for the ships to be linked like that and have the asteroids in the center. So they are just walking along the conduits? How long would it take to arrive to the center?   I'd be interested to see the students' reactions while reading all of that. Maybe as excerpt from assignments or them discussing homework together? To see what are the myths they believe and be able to contrast them with the journal excerpts, as well as to see how they react to learning the truth.   (I don't know how much reformatting you've done following previous comments, but the way it is now reads well for me :) )

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Hi AmelieIS! Thanks for the feedback! Haha, glad you liked the journal perspective because I learned that from YOU in your Serannian Food article! So thanks for that too.   When making this world for our campaign, I thought it would be cool to explore a kind of "fallen from grace" idea of having this moon reluctantly colonized by a people who were left here after living on their world ship, which is in contrast to humans, who have more recently arrived, and in a more traditional sci-fi "let's go explore and colonize" way.   As for specifics about the conduits... there's no answer yet haha. I thought it would be cooler if instead of just tractor beams to keep the ships from floating off, you could go inside them to move stuff between sections or ships or just have that experience of being free floating out in space between their homes and amongst the stars.   I like your thoughts about the students as well, because I added that as an extra "twist" or forced audience on the article towards the end of writing it, but haven't thought that much about their experience. But thinking about it now makes me excited to explore that and see where it leads my worldbuilding. THANK YOU!

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
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Ah thanks :D I'm really glad I was able to help and inspire you!

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I think you may have the biggest ship in the challenge, not surprising given that there is that "world" word sneaked into the middle of generational ship. Great overall article structure as well.

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you also have one of the best "follow my world" blurbs i have seen. it made me chuckle.

As always, it would be appreciated if you would stop by my challenge article The Storm Giant Empire and leave some feedback.   If you are looking for things to read from summer camp there is also my Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge.. Happy worldbuilding.
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Haha ;) Your donation is MOST appreciated. Thanks for reading and commenting! This challenge was very helpful for my world building and it has been cool and inspiring seeing how the community has taken the prompt in different ways. Good luck with spooktober if you are participating!

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