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The Order of Nightwalkers

It's Incaras, City of Mercenaries , and you can find everything here. Did you know there is a Guild of Vampires? Yes! It's true! Make sense as they need somebody to be "in charge" -so we have an official guild that city officials talk to and they keep the Blood Suckers under control. How do I know about it? I have talked to the Vampire for hire, that Ralland over in the Arena District. But I have a friend worked for Iko, the Register of Index under the Regent Chancellor, Old Follet. Now they got all kinds of records and way back they listed "The Order of Nightwalkers" down in the guilder's district! Ralland confirmed it was real thing. Imagine that! A guild of Vampires!

Vampires are territorial predators and may be found in any large city and many small ones, and even in remote wilds and ruins. SA city the size of Incaras would of course attract them. And they would establish domains, and rules and government. The city of Mercenaries has copious threats to vampires and yet the city also has laws and rules where structure provides safety.


The Master of The City, the supposed ruler of the Vampires of the city. (Nichola, F, Pricolikae. )
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Vitus actually controls and manipulates Nichola. Nichola is also bound to Jhenn the Ancient (Estries) whom remains hidden.  Nichola frequently spends time at her country home outside the village of Serusa.

The Council of Elders:
Nichola of Pricolikae:  Foppish in silks, earrings, gold bracelets. Applied, but harsh and barbaric. Her personal Guard are 5 werewolves - 2 shifters and 1 who is wolf spirit possessed.
Vitus of Striga.  Sentimental & capricious, presents as diplomatic but subject to passionate rages, depressions and love sick longings. Stonemason in life.
Pachu of Alukah: Appears 30. dark Hair, black leather, wide chest, stylish. Life: Inn Keeper. Feed from Laborers only. Pious/ devout. hard. Archetect dedicated to building Guild,  clan and the city.
Istaville of Lamashtu:  Old man - 60s. Fashionable, Paranoid, contrary, aloof. Scholar of the Inx war period. Goal - build clan, remove opposition. 
Khal of Gyllo.

Justicars: (sheriffs) - There are supposedly Northern, Eastern, Western, South and Central. Also at least one Yaka, who is sheriff of the outer city along the plateau road.


The clans scheme and plot and manipulate for position and power in the city and against each other constantly. They also battle the Anarchs and Nightpath. The guild will send squads to destroy feral spawn who have no creator controlling them nor higher minds beyond predators. Within the organization it is constant upward mobility while guarding against plots and manipulations of others. Independents may only take minimal Guild membership or try going without it and risk becoming Outlaws.

Public Agenda

Appeals for protection and Guild right go to the Master or one of the officers. Registered vampires carry a simple Guild Token which has crossed rods and the two moons over "The Order of Nightwalkers of Incaras- registered guild". It is inscribed on the opposite with the Path of Humanity: "I will feed only with permission or from the worst criminals. No child ever. Uphold the law of the city." These are presented to the Watch or other officials showing the vampire is registered in the Guild and under guild authority and protection.
The Vampiric agenda is to calm the powers of the city and assure that vampires will be good law abiding citizens of the city. The Guild counts as a Noble person and guild members are family and vassals. The guild will police their numbers and those who break the city laws. The Guild is Patorfamilias, overriding all other association or family and all vampires are expected to be registered or become outlaws to be hunted.
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Nothing is ever so simple of course. The Guild is Humanity Path and professes that all vampires in the city follow it. But there are rebels and enemies who refuse and independents who avoid authority. Some in the Guild follow the Blood Path. Most Anarchs refuse the Guild and follow the Blood. Those who follow the Path of Night are menaces dedicated to terror and death and the Guild wars with them in the Upper city. The Night Path is stronger in the Undercity where a vampire can be a lord of the mortals.


Each Clan leader has extensive connections, minions, thralls and frequently spawn. They have wealth and ties to noble families, the guilds, city officers and other powerful individuals.


Jhenn had settled on the plateau before the High Atan Imperial age and the Age of Hereos. It was just the small Temple of the Watcher, a settlement of scholars and a few merchants. Over the centuries the city formed and grew. Jhenn watched and fed on the passions of the settlers and residents. In her way she protected the town by only allowing a few other vampires - just enough to stir up emotions from time to time. When Incara of Wereglyd formed the city with Guild and mercenary representatives and those of the University and Temple, Jhenn manipulated things behind the scenes to help establish Guild law and Guild overriding other family or association within the growing city laws. A thrall created the Guild of Nightwalkers and became the Master Vampire of the city, while being under Jhenn's control. She has stayed hidden and placed thralls in the guild while using her powers to make sure she maintained a strong control.
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Jhenn knows about the Skinchangers - but not their full powers. She knows the fae have patrols in the Mists. She suspects a hidden government in Incaras. One of her Thrall vampires has been given tasks by the @Hier on behalf of "the compact". She also fears the Necromancer finding her, and perhaps making her his puppet.
Notable Individuals:

  Tamag (Gyllo clan) Once a blacksmith. He owns the very well to do Lightsman Hostlery, a three storyhotel/ inn with a formal dining room and separate bar and lobby. Rooms and suites are available. The building and Tamag, are protected by a dozen guard, 4 Ghenid (and their ghosts) contracted from Ehava and the Ghenid clans Guild. An Owl Shaman, Darla and her bound spirits. The Hostlery has been in operation for 258 years. Tamag is a bit whistful and philosophical, but very aggressive if challenged. He will take feeding as payment for a day's stay. Usually it is the guard and Ghenid and a few other "friends"

Ralland the vampire for hire. Rallad owns a villa in the Arena district and small hoses or apartments scattered across the city and outlying Nemadil and Serusa villages. He is of the Patrician Lamashtu but claims independence from the rest of the bloodline in the city.Rallad is a strict adherent to the Humanity path and generally only feeds from animals. He is a mercenary for hire to fetch items, terrorize enemies, sometimes assassination.

The Voice of Set: an Octnon vampire in the undercity - Blood Path and Varolac Clan

Garras: Nichola's vampire Bahku enforcer. He is typically covered in robes, cloak, head and face covering. He is very secretive and few actually know his original species. He is rumored to be horribly burnt, disfigured or of one of the Blighted Clan lines.

The NightMaster: Feared Monster believed to be a Demon that stalks the city. Frequently destructive, sometimes beneficial.

Reethi: An outlaw Yaka- She was once a low guild member but was banned for a crime job that went badly and killing and drinking the vampire sent to bring him in. She is at war with the guild for revenge for her ejection and unfair treatment.

Satull: Dwells with the grounds of the Church of the powers, beneath the monastery of the Watcher. He has secret exits into the city. He is Heteraki. He is a thrall of Jhenn and is known to the Church and actually represents vampires to the Hierophant, High Priest of the temple of Watcher of the Ways, and Master Elder of the Church of the Powers That Be in Incaras and is sometimes given tasks at the request of the Compact.

Battel- presents female or male but of the gaunt and skeletal Tilberi clan. They run a club called "Paradise" in the Dragon District. It is a neutral ground and they allow no weapons in the door. They employ a shaman to place bound spirit guards. in the cellar is a hatch to a stair that drops down the 500 feet to the lower mountain side of the plateau. And other passages enter the sewers and a third goes to the cart tunnels. Paradise has regular musicians and traveling troupes. Servers are street urchins taken in by Battel- the urchins pay blood and Battel gives housing, food, jobs and patronage.

Lucia: Striga second behind Vitus. Former cook. Gregarious, adventurous. Acts as a psychiatrist: attempts to cure everyone around her. Cook at the Sanitarium run by the charitable Brotherhood of Fellowship.

Muggleglum (striga) dresses and face paints half man and half woman. The face is white on the male side and black on the female side. Red or yellow dress on the female side and blue or purple on the male. Muggleglum is a clown who may mimic and dance around, performs songs and slight of hand tricks. Muggleglum is extremely stealthy and collects information and rumors.

Khyber Pack Master of the Outlaw vampires and Night path followers. He is a Baali clan with red skin and a lesser demon familiar. The voice of Set is in conflict with Khyber.

Inconi - she is Khyber's second, a female centaur Night Path and Kwee Corruption of the Moon house of Passions turned to the Pillar of Cruelty( jealousy, bitterness, meaness, selfishness and insensitivity). She will only feed from Corrupted - runs brothels in monstertown and the undercity staffed by her blood bound thralls where she spreads corruption. She has connections with the charitable Brotherhood of Fellowship in the upper city.
Related Species

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A guild of vampires, you say? Color me interested. I like all the little notes from the spoiler that sort of provide further context to the larger information being provided. It's like looking behind a curtain. Adds a bit of spice, I think. I also like seeing pages from organizations like this since I tend to let my imagination run away with me and try to see how all these characters might interact with one another based on their descriptions. It's always a "leave me wanting more" moment where I'm like "ok, where are the vampire stories?" :3

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Thank you for your interest! This especially is supposed to invoke the layers of politics and manipulation at the highest levels of vampiric authority in the city.

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Plots between and within Clans seeking power and position. Control of outlaw and feral vampires and enforcing the Guild laws (mostly, as with all the guilds of the city). Individuals seeking vampiric conversion, the churches of some of the deities being actively opposed to vampires. And fears of the Necromancer of Incaras in his black tower in the Necropolis ( city graveyard which was the old city entry surrounded by memorials and tombs with the old broken road passing to the old city gate).