The Master Vampire of Soojun

The Master Aphett Ogamali Patta (a.k.a. The Heteraki of Soojun)

There is frequently talk of vampires. These are powerful undead creatures with fantastical powers. Cunning dangerous ravenous blood sucking undead beasts! Everyone knows this. Holy water is sprinkled at doors and windows frequently and one holds the symbols of the Gods as proof against the monsters. Garlic and silver may be used. The dead carefully checked and maybe staked or cremated. In these ways the common folk hope to protect themselves. Vampires are found on occasion.

There are rumors of a giant ghost that haunts the streets occasionally. A lost Damamilla noble who died in the wilds before the Fall. Or some other creature, some say a demon of shadows and darkness. Some say it is the ghost of a Sidereal Fae ( such beings don't have ghosts, but faded whisps of themselves may seem like ghosts). Others say the ghost is a vampire that once drank dry the Mercury Dragon house that ruled Soojun. The giant has not been seen in years, but is a favorite story to frighten children to be home by nightfall.

Few know how many vampires there are in Soojun and surrounding lands. They do not permit wholesale draining and drinking of the living. Few know that they are cold reasoning and calculating creatures rather than mindless ravening monsters. Or that there are factions and balances and even wars amongst the blood drinkers and other Nightsiders kinds. Few indeed know the politics of the vampire.

I used the spirits to probe the secrets of the town. Papa thinks he knows sooo much and many secrets, but I know many he doesn't! I found the vampires. Then I found their king. I asked for an interview and it was granted. I went with my spirits and totem on hand. The Master of Soojun, doesn't call himself king. He is a vampire Titan who lived in ancient Damamillia!

"Of course I'm a monster. A blood drinker and plotter. Yet I keep both mine and yours safe and with a balance. We take only a little from many, or more from those devoted to us by favor or thrall. I have been here over 700 hundred years. All of my kind must bow to me. Many of the living owe me and mine. Ah and if I allowed the scholars to consult....the things I could tell them from the glory days of my living people in Damamillia."
Diary of Ieah, Daughter of Itievu of Itievu's House (Lucky Baby). interviews with Aphett Ogamiali Patta.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Heteraki vampires are pale and ghostly, vaporous and translucent in the night. With concentration or when at rest he may assume a fully solid form.  The body is gaunt, the cheeks sunken and the socket around the eye dark. His toothy grin may be viewed as predatory or positive.

Special abilities

His Vampiric powers are legendary - Rank 7 (12d+4)
  Strength: 2 - boosts STR by 2 dice levels.
Auspice 5: Sharp senses ( perception d12), Aura Reading, Spirit reading of objects, Mind Reader, Anima Projection into Fringe.
Domination: 5: Command, mesmerize, Fog Mind, Whipsers, Power of the will (lend mesmerization power).
Obfuscation 7: Cloak, Unseen (hiding d12+2), Familiar Face, Vanish (causes forgettingof vampire), Veil (hide many), Cast Aura (makes aura appear as something else in astral), Displacement
Darkness 7: Manipulate shadows, Shroud (fill areas with muffling darkness), Dark Companion (creates shadow tentacle), Dark Echo (listen via shadow in a location), Shadow form (liquid like, move up walls, across ceilings, through cracks), dark Passage ( Travel thru or reach across from a Dark Echo shadow). Shadow servant ( creates animate shadow minion)
Malice 5: Silence (Create areas of silence.), Weaken ( blood thrall becomes weaker), Infected ( Blood becomes a contagious disease spread on contact losing 1 virulence per point of spread), Rage ( Touch causes clarity loss=rank Malice), Call Blood ( drains 1 blood/ round from any open wound - bleeding out effect).

Apparel & Accessories

He has not adjusted much to modern styles and prefers the Titan traditional long tunic with fringes and tassels and belted at the waist. The fabric is geometric patterned in white and yellow or a brown-purple and pale blue. He wears sandals most frequently.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aphett was born and lived as a low laboring class, with the Green life magic. His talent was in plant growth and production, ensuring good growth of crops and bountiful harvests. His life was as an agriculturalist in the outlying district of the Eastern rim of Damamillia. The region was overrun in war between the Centaur/ Minotaur and the Damamillia Titans. He fled to hide in caves in the hills. There he was found by a vampire Titan and turned. His Anteplex of Life magic went dry only draining vigor and withering vegetation. His master had one arm and leg and half the torso turned to stone by the magic of a great demon of Chaos. He used Aphett to bring him new prey that they shared. When the Necros flaired across the region as the Deadlord Priest-Kings fed upon all living, Aphett's power also flaired and drained his master to a withered husk and stone. He fled the hungering draw of the Necros pulling at him.

He traveled to the wild places, feeding on his fellow Titans that had fled the civil war and battles of control between the Priest-Kings. He found ruins and hid in the days. He prowled the nights after blood of any living beings. The Shadow Years arrived with demons and High Fae Sidereal. Then he found himself enslaved by a Necromancer, a corrupted Minotaur. He served her for 238 years before she was destroyed by a The Sidereal Fae

Aphett had make a Thrall of a son of a Mercury Dragon lord, and used him to establish his nest in Soojun.  The family had the favor and support of the Master and a few were allowed to be turned. The family was wiped out in a conflict between factions with one ancestor draining the living members in a vampiric "feast" before attempting to take control of the city.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Aphett has for centuries, been the power behind the powerful and influential. A 12 ft tall vampiric Titan, even a ghostly one, obviously can't make much appearance without notice, so he works through Thralls and minions, lesser vampires, and connections in the Nightsider and Daysider communities.  His various powers are tremendous and he uses them to protect the town - his kingdom and feeding grounds.

Mental Trauma

Aphett was shaken when he lost his Anteplex power and found it had reversed into a Necros draining and withering. It took him centuries to master the essence draining power of his Heteraki blood line.

Morality & Philosophy

Once a feral Beast, he has now adopted Mortal values.

Personality Characteristics


He identifies as a vampire and not much as a Titan. Damamilla is long ago fallen and his people are dead, or only undead. He views the traditions are working best - care for and monitor the herd, keep them safe and control major aspects of the town. He uses his powers to maintain control and protection, adjusting memories and recollections or killing where expedient. He is also aggressive in managing the vampires and relentless in persuit of trespassers.

Vices & Personality flaws

His great age makes most mortal blood weak and dilute. He prefers to feed from those with great personal power and experience.  Higher rank powers appeal more. Otherwise he needs more blood from regualr mortals than younger vampires.


Contacts & Relations

Aphett is the boss of the Traditionalist faction vampires but has sympathies with the Open faction. He is opposed to the Radicals. He is a a major power of traditionalist faction Nightsiders. His Thralls include ( political - merchant - guard - nobles outside of town - other - Money lender - one artist he patronizes, visual mosaics). Businesses. Nest officers - Imir ( (Damamilla= Order keeper) chief officer, Seneschal), Zahsir ( 2 whips ( Damamilla = Law Keeper) - keep tabs, organize). Scourge - watches the lands around town. Ancillae - the elders ( 8) ( he has one progeny somewhere out west, with brood under them) . Brood- 14. There is at least 1 Radical vampire (undeclared) in the town that is making trouble.
The Ancillae: 1 Prikolikae The Scourge ( w 1 brood, 1 other) 2 Patricians: a Striga -The Imir( w one junior) and an Alukah ( two young Lamashtu). 4 Blighted: 2 Tilberi (One is a Zahsir), 1 Heteraki, and a Varcolac  the other Zahsir( one brood). One Estries (with 2 Brood young). The other Young are 3 infernals: (1 ramanga, 2 Baali ) and Ravagers (2 vetala )


In manner he is virtually inannimate, standing still and speaking or simply staring off into a middle distance. Hand motions are minimal or absent. His natural expression is a sort of smile that shows his pointed teeth. It can be taken as threatening or benign by the viewer or the conversation. Most frequently it is like he has forgotten facial expressions of mortals. Laughs are simple "heh heh" coughs. In his speech, there is a stress in gutteral sounds, making them more almost swallowing.
Current Location
Ancient: 3543 years old ( born in T3678, transformed 3746)
3678 3746 68 years old
Short cropped green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White ivory skin, but nearly transparent
12ft 4 inches (3.75 m)
350 kg

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