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Desolation Strider

The unique and complex ecosystems that now make up the landscapes of Cairne have brought with them new challenges and ways of life. While some of the wilds of old still exist, the now treacherous barrens of the Wastes and the areas surrounding the Blighted Lands offer new and compelling challenges for those who prefer to live on the outskirts of civilization. New forms of both flora and fauna now dominate the places where civil folks dare not tread. The Desolation Strider is a master of survival in the turbulent landscapes of this untamed world. Utilizing skills born from predecessors who had no choice, these wild people who claim no land nor governing body have been groomed by the strongest and fiercest to endure and survive. These fast moving rovers of the edge live hard and seem to have an uncanny knack for beating the odds.



Adventure seekers, survivalists, loners and those with a desire to uphold some sense of justice...or perhaps seek to mette out their own dreams of rule are all drawn to this, very often short lived lifestyle. To live among the ruins of the old world and make a way of life in the wasted, Blight touched lands is not an easy path, but one that has found a place in the new world.



Many of the Desolation Striders play the role of peacekeeper in the more lawless regions of the Wastes. They carry a large degree of respect where they go and in general are well treated among the people who make their homes in the Blighted Lands. There are still those, however, that seek to profit and take advantage of the people's toils and hardships, the Void Barons.

Social Status

Within the Wastes, the Desolation Striders are a respected caste of folks, either due to the help and protection they offer to the common folk, or the fear their presence generates.


Many fall in love with the ideal of the Desolation Strider, but few can actually maintain the life for long. It is a hard path to follow, and seldom does a Desolation Strider make it into old age. Once the reality of what is required of this path, many would be pursuers of its glory back down.

History   The history of the Desolation Striders is one of need and selfless pursuits of both knowledge and survival for those souls that still endeavor to make a lives for themselves among the The Wastes and the Blighted Lands. While it isn't uncommon to find an urban Desolation Strider, they thrive in the lawless regions¬†of the¬†world, carving their names in the tapestry of life that they strive to maintain



A Desolation strider is, above all else, a survivor, and are well equipped to scavenge and find what they need in the Wastes and wilds.


On occasion, a Desolation Strider will take up a base of operations, though their transient nature seldom follows this route. The more situated and powerful ones, however, will often claim a tract of land as their own, for plunder or for preservation depending on the individual. Either way, they maintain to protect their dominion, no matter the motivations, and most people find solace in this either way.

Provided Services

Guides, protectors, mercenaries, and guardians are all common roles that this profession can and will fill. Many do so for the sake of those under their charge, but there remain those that will work for financial gain and bartered services as well. This depends greatly upon the individual's motivations.

Dangers & Hazards

The Outlands is a harsh place. The spawns of the Void, the twisted landscaped, the Blight itself, all run in opposition to the Strider. Vigilance is key to their longevity, and it is rare to see one reach old age.
Alternative Names
Void Riders, Wasters, Striders
The Desolation Striders have become a bit of a staple in the Outlands
In the lawless regions of the Wastelands, the Desolations Striders often are the law. This is in almost all cases a regionalized matter, and their influence fades the closer they move into more established and civilized domains.
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