Land of Figs and Sand

Like it’s western neighbour, Nucriestan, Eucrus is covered in the most part by the Eucrus desert, a vast expanse of sand and cracked mud that rarely sees rain, if ever. In fact, many would deem Eucrus uninhabitable were it not for an oasis of life in the south, where the heat of the desert hits the cold of the Black Peaks, creating a large area of grassy lowland hills that teem with life. The Surill River winds its way out of the Peaks here and provides much needed water to thousands of farms that grow figs, peaches, dates, and all manner of sweet fruits. Herders farm goats and sheep, sending milk and wool off to market in one of the cities, while a few expeditious mining concerns have begun tentative excavations in the higher hills of the country, close to the Black Peaks, where it is reported that gold veins have been struck. Eucrus is ruled by the Fitzworn family out of the capital city of Ceritz. The Fitzworns are actually descended from the last remaining members of one the Twenty One Ducal families of High Kastor, but their ancestors were exiled in disgrace for reasons long since forgotten, and found a home in Eucrus.


In Eucrus, the Monarch holds the absolute power, advised by their privy council. Their laws and decrees are passed down to the Counts, who in turn pass them down to the Landed Knights, who are directly responsible for overseeing the populace.


The people of Eucrus are generally hard-working and quiet. The nature of their country makes them thankful for the small things, like a river giving life to the desert sands, or the fig trees giving extra with the harvest. While not unwelcoming to outsiders, they do tend take a while to trust them.

Demography and Population

The people of Eucrus live primarily in the south of the country, in the fertile lands provided by the Surill River. The Eucrus Desert that fills much of the northern half of the country is deemed uninhabitable. The people themselves are mainly Human (thirty one percent), or Dragonborn (twenty eight percent). The rest of the population is made up of various members of other races, with halflings being common in the grassy lowlands, and dwarves being seen fairly regularly in the foothills of the Black Peaks.


Over sixty percent of Eucrus, from the very north, spreading south, is covered by the Eucrus Desert, a vast uninhabitable plain of sand and dried mud that rarely sees rain, if ever. In the south, however, the Surill river flows from the Black Peaks and creates a wide swathe of fertile, grassy land that is perfect for habitation. While landlocked, Eucrus does actually a small border on the Mirrored Sea, an inland sea, in the East, and has claimed some of the waters close to that shore as it's own.


The Blazing Standard is the standing military of Eucrus. It is small, but dedicated and well trained and armed. They also maintain a small navy of a half dozen ships to protect their waters on the Mirrored Sea. Outside of that, the country has town and city watch forces that guard and protect the settlements themselves.

Technological Level

Eucrus is considered slightly backwards scientifically, mainly due to the fact that the Eucrus Desert has inhibited growth. However, with the discovery of gold and gemstones in the foothills of the Black Peaks, the country is currently is talks with the Legion Of Progress to purchase and install advanced mining equipment, to make the most of these finds.


Like most of the world, Eucrus worships the Pantheon, although they seem to hold special love for The Judge, Taris. Every courthouse in Eucrus doubles as a temple to The Judge, and adherents can actually stay to watch the law in action.

Foreign Relations

While the country itself is physically large, the populace of Eucrus is relatively small compared to some other nations nearby, so the Monarchs here pursue an avenue of relative peace with their neighbours. Tensions are mounting with Claid Shinor however, as Eucrus has recently been launching small, unwarranted forays into the jungle nation to try and claim rare metals and woods.

Agriculture & Industry

In the fertile lands to the south, Eucrus has vast tracts of farmland dedicated to growing not only wheats and grains, but sweet fruits such as figs and dates which are much sought after by neighbouring countries. The lowland hills further south still, towards the Black Peaks, are perfect for herding sheep and goats and there is also the beginnings of a burgeoning mining industry here, as gold and gems have been discovered.

Trade & Transport

Everything comes into Eucrus by overland caravan, traveling through guarded border checkpoints onto well maintained and guarded roads that span the safe portions of the country's interior.


Eucrus has a standard rate of education for a Feudal kingdom, in that only those who need to be educated, actually are. The general populace remain illiterate, while the higher classes hire private tutors.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Leader Title
Head of State
Katarina FItzworn
Head of Government
Katarina FItzworn
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Major Exports
The figs, dates, and other sweet fruits of Eucrus are very much in demand, and caravans regularly leave the country heavily laden with carts full of them.
Major Imports
While it does produce some of it's own, Eucrus is a net importer of basic metals, such as Iron and copper. Timber is also regularly imported at the moment, as Eucrus' small forests are not large enough to sustain its current demand for building materials.
Legislative Body
The Monarch is solely responsible for making the laws of Eucrus, although they tend to take guidance from the Privy Council on such matters.
Judicial Body
The laws of Eucrus are interpreted by a body known as 'The Light Of Justice.' This group is ostensibly a group of judges, although every member must have, at some point, served time as a priest of Taris, The Judge . The Light Of Justice oversee not only the day to day deployment of the law, but also police it, with a member of the body acting as head of every major town or city watch outfit.
Official State Religion
The Pantheon
Official Languages

Open Trade

Trade Agreement


Trade Agreement




Ruling Family Disputes

Border Friction


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