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The Seven continents of Caeteria hold kingdoms and nations as diverse as the people who live within them. From verdant jungle bound nations, and scattered archipelagos, to snow capped mountain fortresses and blasted, tundra wastelands. It is world of secrets, desires, and grand schemes. A world where magic, religion, and science mix in odd and mysterious ways. By the light of the sun, and the shine of the moon, its people go about their day to day, unaware of the threads of fate that bind and separate them...
People in Caeteria worship a pantheon of 29 'True' gods, and various lesser deities below them. But rumour abounds that there are other beings hat stalk the dark places of the world, claiming to be former gods that were brutally cast down by The Pantheon. That aside, there is also the ever looming threat of Those Who Lie Beyond, and the cults that serve them.

Caeteria has 5 Adventurers

Magic is a constant of life in Caeteria. While warlocks and sorcerers may be mistrusted by most, those who take the time to study the arcane arts are well respected. Bards are also a common sight, and are tolerated by most folk. Even so, magic is still rare in the eyes of most people, and very few villages will have more than single magical practitioner.
Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few centuries in Caeteria. Driven by the globally spanning community of inventors known as the Legion of Progress, Gunpowder has become more well known, if not exactly commonplace, and technological advances are driving mining, agriculture, logging, and various other industries to new heights of speed and efficiency.