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The appearance of a Hobbe Warren close by often spells disaster for a village. These vicious, cruel, brutish goblinoid cousins will steal, kill, and generally wreck their way through a village over the course of a number of weeks. Livestock will be slaughtered, crops taken, Children will be dragged back to the Warren to never be seen again, and anything not securely nailed down will be stolen. Dealing with a Hobbe Warren quickly is vital, as allowing weeks of theft and growth to go unchecked can result in a powerful warren, well-fed, dug in, and armed to the teeth with stolen supplies.   Hobbes live in large groups know as Warrens, that can number anywhere from a dozen to, in extreme cases, hundreds of Hobbes. They choose dark, maze like, locations if possible, such as cave systems, or abandoned mines. Hobbes do not create, grow, or farm. Everything they have, from food, weapons, supplies, and even the simple clothing they wear, is stolen through force of base thievery.

Basic Information


Hobbes are short, squat, humanoid creatures with wide, bullfrog like faces and mouths full of jagged broken teeth. They have short, clumsy arms and legs that end with three fingers and a thumb, or three toes respectively, all of which are prone to being joined by unwieldy flaps of skin, causing some to appear as if they are wearing mittens. They have highly prominent brow ridges and sloped back foreheads, making the top of their heads appear almost flat. Their ears are large and pointed, like goblins or bugbears. They appear to grow more skin than they need, leaving them with unsightly folds and sagging on the neck. This skin ranges in colour from grubby, dark greens, through to dirty greys and blues, with occasional cases of albinism.   Under their skin, Hobbes are surprisingly muscular, and have sturdy bones. Combine this with a healthy layer of fat, and it allows Hobbes to survive hits and falls that their size might belie.

Genetics and Reproduction

Hobbes are presumed to be Mono-Gendered, and nobody has ever spoken of Hobbes breeding in a traditional method. However, they do multiply. The most common theory on this subject is through the Hobbes delight in kidnapping children. Scant evidence found in cleared warrens speaks to some kind of crude ritualism, that involves eating the kidnapped child. No direct evidence of this has ever been found, but it is common knowledge that a spate of kidnappings by Hobbes is shortly followed by an increase in the number of younger Hobbes.

Growth Rate & Stages

Nobody knows whether Hobbes have what could be called child or adult states. Hobbes merely start small and get bigger.

Ecology and Habitats

Hobbes live in large groups know as Warrens, that can number anywhere from a dozen to, in extreme cases, hundreds of Hobbes. They choose dark, maze like, locations if possible, such as cave systems, or abandoned mines. They fill these warrens with crude structures and traps, and they quickly fill with waste and rotting, left over food.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A Hobbe will eat anything considered even vaguely edible. They do not hunt or fish, aside from bushwhacking the occasional unwary creature, and get most of their food from either theft, or consuming the corpses of those who fail to stop them.


Hobbes have a brutal society based on size. The bigger and stronger the Hobbe, the greater their social standing. They waste little time in displaying this prominence over their fellow Hobbes, usually through vicious beatings. Around other species they tend to be more careful, even cowardly, but en-masse with a Large Hobbe to lead them, they can be a terrifyingly direct force to overcome.

Additional Information

Social Structure

In Hobbe structure, the bigger you are, the higher your social status. So called 'Young' Hobbes are the smallest, with Hobbes above them, Hobbenobbs above them, Hobbe 'Captains' above them, and Hobbe Chieftans at the top. The only exceptions to this structure are the Hobblars - Hobbes born with a modicum of intelligence, and the ability to use magic.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Hobbes are found across Caeteria. Most view them as particularly troublesome vermin, and they act as such, finding their way into all corners of all countries, posing a threat to any nearby village or town.

Average Intelligence

Hobbes have a very low level of general intelligence, and are considered in most cases to be rarely above that of a beast, barely able to string together two broken words at a time. On rare occasions, a Hobbe will be born with the ability to cast magic, and this seems to come with an increase in intelligence.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Hobbes are more suited to skulking in dark places and have developed sight and hearing to match. Their somewhat bulbous yellow eyes give them good sight in dimly lit areas, and their ears are highly perceptive. However, they have evolved to enjoy the dark so much, that heading outside in daytime can cause issues for them.

Civilization and Culture

Common Myths and Legends

The stories tell that, long ago, Hobbes were goblins, worshippers of Alaaye, The Lady, Goddess of the Feral Wilds and Dark Places. But somehow, they displeased her. In her wrath, she changed them forever, condemning them to a life of senseless stupidity and base cruelty. How true this tale is, nobody can be certain, but they may be some base truth to it - The only evidence of worship ever found in Hobbe Warrens has been to Alaaye. Perhaps the Hobbes are still trying to win back her favour?
Average Height
Smallest recorded 2ft. Largest recorded 6ft 5in.
Average Weight
Smallest recorded 42lbs. Largest recorded 141lbs.


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