Spirit of Jack the Ripper

Welcome to the Ripper Age.


Jack the Ripper's original story is as it played out on the legendary Earth. But just after his fifth cannonical kill he was kidnapped by Mordred.   Mordred spent a lot of time on him, making him despise all women, and twisting him even further to suit the needs of the Gloombringers. This had the effect of turning Jack into a Spirit, something almost like a Ghost but not quite.   It amused Mordred to turn Jack into a female. Once he was done, he emerged from his hiding spot with Ripper, whom he now called Jaclyn Cream. With the help of his fellow Glooms, Jaclyn became a lethal killer with an even deeper hatred of women and a hatred for Infinite Grace.   They weren't able to deploy Jaclyn before Infinite Grace selected a handful of Humans and creating Caelum Prime.   Once through into the new universe, Mordred was able to plant fear in humans and resurrect a faint memory of Jack the Ripper before releasing Jaclyn on them. Infinite Grace couldn't outright destroy this spirit nor the corruption didn't allow for it to accepted into the Cosmic Tapestry. So, he was able to tweak it enough to make it dependent on a human to survive and to limit when it could kill.


Remains hidden inside someone, except for 12 days out of the year. This usually lines up with the celebration of Illumination that happens at the end of every year. Then he/she comes out and kills women. Since the publication and airing of the Twelve Blessings of Harmony, he/she has used this as inspiration.   Current media has nicknamed him/her as the Illumination Killer.


Any where on Caelum Prime.
Metaphysical, Astral

Cover image: by Lady Wynter


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