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Official History of the Kingdom of Kiŗaun

Several years after Badnīl Qau was crowned king of the Kingdom of Kiŗaun, his best friend, vizier, and brother-in-law Nautīr Ptor commissioned the creation of an official history of the kingdom and how Badnīl united the Kaushan tribes into a single nation. While some might say it was overly favorable of Badnīl and his family, Nautīr made sure the historian was very careful in being as fair as possible in the creation of the document. He also ensured that the document was updated up until the formation of the Eastern Principalities.   Here's the basic timeline from the book:   Note that I have not determined months yet. But, I hereby decree that the Kaushan use 10 months, each 35 days long. That's an extra 3 days, so either 3 months are one day short or 1 is 3 days short. Month is indicated below as a +x next to the year.  
1581 CT
Nautīr Ptor born
1582 CT
Badnīl Qau born
1588 CT
Shania vin Qau born
1607 CT
Badnīl and Shania married in the Month Between Storms
1604 CT–1623 CT
Badnīl forms relationships among all the tribes, including the tribe that became the Raiyīŗ, who did not join
1623+7 CT
Kingdom of Kiŗaun formed by written agreement by most Kaushan tribes. Raiyīŗ were a signatory, acknowledging the existence of Kiŗaun, but declining full membership. They remained an ally.
1654+3 CT
Badnīl dies
1655+3 CT
Mourning of Badnīl comes to an end
1655+7 CT
Formation of Eastern Principalities through the work of Shania and Nautīr. Officially signed on the 32nd anniversary of the formation of Kiŗaun. Raiyīŗ were once again a signatory.
1657 CT
Final revision of the History completed. Copies printed and distributed to Kaulīy of all Principalities, plus Shania, Nautīr, and the Tikil of Īyonī.
Record, Historical
Authoring Date
1631 CT–1657 CT

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