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Nuveitgea (nuvɛitˈgɛa)

Nuveitgea, The Living, was the first Living Sword created by Gwenneth Deepforge. It was created in one of the forge caves of Bolo with the aid of Valak, who aided Gwenneth in breathing life into Nuveitgea.   Like other Living Swords, Nuveitgea is intelligent and can communicate with its wielder via a form of telepathy. It refuses to work with anyone that does not value life. It can cause elevated damage to the unliving, whether undead or otherwise, and can sense the direction to the undead within a 50m radius. In addition, it can help heal those who are injured and can magically deflect damage from the wielder, decreasing the chance of injury. When Nuveitgea's wielders injuries in battle are so severe they can no longer hold the sword, it will self animate, defending the wielder until the situation changes. It has even been known to protect the innocent from harm in the same way.   While Gwenneth was forging Nuveitgea, Dæleon was forging a blade of his own. An eruption of the volcano housing the forge caves trapped both smiths. Dæleon tried to escape his fate, but Gwenneth completed her blade in spite of being trapped. Valak rescued Dæleon, sending him away without his weapon; and Gwenneth and Nuveitgea. As a boon to her dedication, Valak blessed Gwenneth's blade and bade his scion Jindack to escort the two back to the Deepforge clan   On their arrival, the ojox of the Zoxugidav, greeted the three and publicly praised Gwenneth. Ever jealous, the Ujajoxoro, who had spies within every clan that knew forging techniques, unilaterally declared war upon the Deepforge clan, claiming they had stolen Ujajoxoro secrets. The result was a war that lasted three years, devastating the ranks of both clans and increasing the tensions between their respective kingdoms, Ur Pixoro and Ur Dashujach. While both clans survived, the rivalry continues, carried on almost exclusively by the Ujajoxoro.
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Weapon, Melee
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Nuveitgea is a unique Living Sword.

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