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Zoxugidav (zɔxigiˈdav)

A Dwarfish clan within the Ur Dashujach kingdom.   The Deep Dwarfs are known for their skills at finding and smelting well-hidden ores, not for their skills at forging the same. However, the Deepforge clan is particularly skilled at forging, having a long tradition of exceedingly skilled smiths, and weapon smiths in particular. This is a legacy starting with Gwenneth Deepforge and extending to the present day. To them, Gwenneth Deepforge is not a legend, she's an ancestor.   Despite being a relatively minor clan within the Dwarfish Empire, their skills at the forge keeps them a visible member of the Ur Dashujach. They try to avoid the politics, and instead do what they do best, making weapons, tools, and decorations from the metal mined by their brethren. Occasionally, one of their creation becomes the center of political struggles, as Nuveitgea first did centuries ago. It was after the controversy surrounding Gwenneth and her first creation that the clan vowed to simply do their job and stay above the fray of political maneuvering.
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