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The City State of Ar-Astra

Vèf'Mis Kunnsa-Ttu'hine

The hallway walls where black, painted to be non-reflective. The hallway itself would be considered low cielinged and too broad, unasthetic, if you were an Elf or ... anything other than a Dwarf. It had no adornments, light fixtures, or embelishments. It was unique in all of Skala-Tuq. It's existance a secret kept, by an even more secret society. A secret kept by a secret faction of the Archos. It had one entrance and led to one place, their Auditorium of Canticles.   The 15 dwarfs stood in a circle around the permitter of the Auditorium, robed. A single candle in the center cast dim light whose shadows flickered across and past them to be consumed by the walls. Enough to see by, but not enough to be seen by.   " This evening sisters, we shall read from the Canticle of Vèf'Mis Kunnsa-Ttu'hine and remember hard lessons learned," pronouced a strong female voice.   "The Sisters Silence and Patience had one beautiful daughter. Her name was Vengance," was the chorused refrain of the others. And, one of the sisters stepped into the center.   There beside the candle, she disrobed to reveal a middle aged Dwarven woman, naked. Silently, she put out the candle and moments later she began to glow as the intricate tattoos of the Blood of History revealed themselves in the absolute darkness deep under the Dwarven city.   After a moment of silent sober respect for the wisdom now before them the remaining sisters began to chant the legacy of Ar-Astra....
  " It came to pass that on the Desanm-is the 5th of the three hundred sixty second of the third, De'ahasa, daughter of Methatos and Hirratas, known as the Twin Queens of Ar-Astra, city of Reflections, did discover the Ancient Wisdom, the Tablet. There within she came to know the mastery of Ee-Loque.   This she did pass to her Queen twin when they were upraised to the thrones of Ar-Astra who was known as Tt'litata and together De'ahasa and Tt'litata came to know renown, prestige and the love of their people as the Twin Queens of Ar-Astra. And, so days passed and in turn the Twin Queens taught their daughters the mastery of Ee-Loque, and the Tablet was kept most secret from the Paragon and hidden from the Glory of the Devouring Mother. Through their secret mastery the dyanasty of Twin Queens, their decendants, raised Ar-Astra to eclipse all within the realm. The direct eye of the Devouring Mother saw them from Her distant Pinnacle.   Into Ar-Astra came the one known as Hilianguar. Into Ar-Astra came the one known as Yreathi. Into Ar-Astra came the one know as BreeziaOrkes. On Zeros-ij the 1st of the six hundred twenty fifth of the fourth, came the doom of Ar-Astra. The three Pioneers had come to discover the secret of the Twin Queen's dyanasty. Sent by the Devouring Mother to bring into Her Wisdom and Glory Ar-Astra and all who lived within, the three determined the secret. They determined the secret and declared this decreed:

"Now all who know the mastery of Ee-loque shall be slain if they be women, and shall join the order of Paragons if they be men. And unto the undying time, Ar-Astra must slay their first born daughters, or until such time as Ar-Astra comes once more into the sight of Her Glory repentant and devout."   Ther was great dismay. The people turned away from the Twin Queens, and their throne cast into the ocean's depths, broken and crumbled. The dynasty withered."
  Time had passed in the singing of the first canticle. And, it was appropriate to stop and remember before moving to the second canticle. Voices taxed for the language of Vèf'Mis Kunnsa-Ttu'hine was so much older the modern Dwarvish and only distantly similar. To say someting simply was not the way of the language. It's subtle terraine allowed the seeds of a diverse ecology of thought and understanding. One which turned into a garden of fruit most strange and delicate. One of the younger dwarfs begain to sing and dance a slow heavy connection of tone and syllable bring forth from the nothingness a table of food and refreshment. Yes, these sisters in the dark had mastery of Ee-loque. They ate without moving from their spots. Food and refreshment passed and shared amongst them. When they were done, the second canticle began.
" The Tablet had not been lost to the three, but hidden unseen by Herself. And, for generations the dynasty that had withered in the light of the Glory of Her Will grew deep into the rocks. Nuriala, who was decendant, became troth to Kirralgia who was not decendant. Nuriala, who was keeper and master. Kirralgia who was noble. Together they lived many years in traquility. In their later years, when it came time for Nuriala to pass the knowledge kept to her youngest daughter, Otheitha, which in the old language is to be Patient, Kirralgia did discover them. Distraught by the revelations now known, Kirralgia bannished Nuriala and Otheitha from the estates in Ar-Astra to the distant homesteads in the north. So removed out of Kirralgia's sight, Kirralgia dimmed from the light of history inconsequential, except for the written confession of Kirralgia's silence delievered into Her Paragon's posession by chance many centuries after Kirralgia's death.   For many years Nuriala, Otheitha lived in the northern settlement. They built a house, helped strengthen the community and Nuriala once more did find companionship. In their early years they knew the simple peace of growing together, and the joys of raising a daughter, whom Nuriala named Yavislis, which in the old language is be Silent. To remind the three of them to always keep their secret, to be mindful of the quiet ears of casualness and intimacy, to protect not only them and their decendants from Her Glory, and to protect those they loved from Kirralgia's torment and fate.   Kirralgia's slience and death was their doom.   Once more the dynasty of the Twin Queens came under the direct eye of Herself. Once more the cycle repeated itself. Once more all that they cherished, all that they had built, all that was them was taken and destroyed.   When Her Glory found them again, Otheitha was now the third of her name, and Yavislis now was the fifth of her name. They had grandchildren and family in every household. Many knew of the lesson of Patience and Silence. Many knew how their ancestors were banished, because of a great embarassment of a their noble house. And, a few knew of the deeper lesson to which Otheitha and Yavislis where now keepers and masters.   And when it was explained to all by Her Voice, that being Paragons, through the direct hand of Otheitha's own father were they betrayed. He spoke of what he had heard and seen. He spoke of his suspisions which were only now understood to be such.   And it was decreed that: " All who are females shall be slain, for their Divergence shall be purged. And, all males cast forth from this settlement, and should they be Divergent as well, given unto the Paragons as the slaved."   Through a great contest of skill and mastery, Otheitha and Yavislis escaped into the deep wilds of the north far into the shadows and darkness. They turned away from Her Will and Glory, and sought to discover their own path. And, so they remained lost but not forgotten. For also amongst those who lived in the settlment were the Archo.
  The sister's stopped again. Time had passed. And they had become fatiqued. Again one of their number begain to sing and dance the slow heavy connection of tone and syllable to bring forth from the empty a table of food and refreshment. Again they shared and replenshed without breaking their circle; only illuminated by the living light of the Blood of History and its Manuscript. They had begun their lesson in the mid evening when they were free from their daily obiligations, and now time, their never relenting guardian, would soon require their return to those mundane concerns. Back within Her Glory, once more bound by Her Will.   The third canticle was begun.
" Patience and Silence did bring with them into the darkness of wilderness, named now Ti Sti'duram'iti,The Tablet, and there they mastered the totality of the Ancient Wisdom contained upon it. Longevity did they gain the blessings of, and so did they come forth upon the walls of Ar-Astra once again, the city lost to them.   Unknown to its citizens were they. Ar-Astra had forgotten the decreed made centuries ago and forgotten the Twin Queens. For it now reflected Her Glory and Will brightly as to blind the eyes and numb the minds of all whom did come within her. And, the two sisters wept such was their dispair. It was Olaar-iht the 12th, three hunderd thirty eighth of the fifth. The sister's tears began to flood the streets of Ar-Astra for they had made their way to the Citadel and they were masters of Ee-loque, whose emminations reflect what is inside to the without, and there Her Glory did come upon them. And they did stamp their feet amongst the flowing tears to stike deeply the heart of city. And Her Glory did raise up their hands to uplift the sisters to the sky. And they reach down to the mountains to rip them asunder burying Her Glory in stone. And Her Glory did stand steadfast breaking the sister's bones and flesh between them. And, though they fell back upon the city streets, torn apart and ripped, the sisters did with thier last breath given bring down walls upon the city and all within.   Were Lost. "
And so the third canticle was sung. They were sitting now around the Manuscript.   " Let us discuss the lessons sisters," said the most senior. " Let us contemplate the virtue of Vengence."   "The Sisters Silence and Patience had one beautiful daughter. Her name was Vengance," was the response before they began their discussions.


Major language groups and dialects

Purified by Her Glory.

Culture and cultural heritage

Purified by Her Glory.

Shared customary codes and values

Purified by Her Glory.

Common Etiquette rules

Purified by Her Glory.

Art & Architecture

Purified by Her Glory.

Foods & Cuisine

Purified by Her Glory.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Purified by Her Glory.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Purified by Her Glory.

Historical figures

Purified by Her Glory.

Major organizations

The Daughters, Vengence.   A small group of dwarven women, the last decendants of Ar-Astra, who have mastered Ee-Logue in secret, and who act as assasins who remove agents of Her Will or those who abuse and betray women. They have retained two great artifacts:   The Tablet
The Body of Silence
"The Sisters Silence and Patience had one beautiful daughter. Her name was Vengance."
Ar-Astran saying.

Within this chronicle search the year 5338 Rs and the event Casscades of Glory:
AEAO (Anything Everywhere Allatonce)

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