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City of Locked Doors

The city can be found at the southern most point of Ti Sti'duram'iti in a great river delta at the feet of several mountain ranges.

Designate home of the Dwarves.

There is one entrance to this city, the Grand Market. The market sprawls out filling the entire river delta. There is not a single spot in the delta that has been left untouched by the Dwarfs or those who rent from the Dwarfs. For many, this is the city itself as few manage to enter the Dwarf capital proper. The joke is that all the Dwarfs moved out of the city for their love of trade in either coin or gossip. Even the Dwarfs say so.
Anything can be purchased at the Grand Market. There is no black market in Skala-Tuq, only grey. So, why go to the capital proper?

If a person truly desired to enter the city proper, they would need to first find the entrance and unlock it. Of course, no map of the Grand Market has the entrance to Skala-Tuq labelled and no city official has the key, or more correctly they have keys, just not the one a person would be looking for.
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