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"When you think of Chaos, what is it that comes to your mind? You, like so many, see it as nothing but disorder and woe. A deviation from your sense of normalcy. You curse its name beneath your breath, without understanding its true nature. For what is Chaos, but the force that inspires change, for better or for worse, in those who walk a path of stagnation?"
    One of the Twin Creators of the world of Ayvenfael who created the Desmiva, Serilith embodies the force of Chaos, the unpredictable and ever evolving. Though their Embodiment has led to many viewing them in an unflattering light, and others seeking to control them, Serilith does not shy away from what they are. For Chaos is a necessary force within existence. Without it, all would simply rot and wither.   Serilith lives by this simple truth, and embraces it with all that they create. They are the challenge to the rigid, the obstacle to overcome, to walk upon a path of evolution, or be left behind as a mere footnote in history.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Within the embrace of a stellar nursery, Serilith manifested their physical form, along with their twin sibling, Avaklavir. They were two opposing forces, the progeny of the Lord of Change, with Avaklavir embodying Order, while Serilith embodied Chaos. Together, they were mentored by many elder Sidériah, helping to guide them to embrace their purpose: to create new worlds and life to populate the universe.When they came of age, Serilith and Avaklavir worked to make a new world, granting the newly formed Planetary Core the name of "Ayvenfael".   Together, they created a variety of new life that flourished upon the world. It was during these early days that Serilith met Veritaryhs, one of the members of the Astral Council. Entranced by his charisma, Serilith was drawn into an intricate dance of courtship, unaware of the sinister motives that lurked beneath that charming façade.   However, their new beloved was not quite as he seemed. For he sought to control Chaos and bring them under his control. And yet Chaos is not so easily tamed, much to his disappointment. Over time, he insisted that no one would accept Serilith for their chaotic nature, even claiming that they would never feel the resonance of a Nexus Bond. His attempts to demoralize the younger Sidériah seemed to be of no avail, until the day came when Serilith birthed their child.   The cobalt flames of Jurisprudence were scorching, snuffing out the life of their child right before Serilith's eyes. Enraged and bereft, Serilith unleashed the full fury of Chaos upon their betrayer before retreating into the depths of the cosmos, mourning the loss of their child and the shattered dreams of a love that was never meant to be.   To quell the pain of their heart, Serilith poured all of their energy into tending to their world and creations. Yet it seemed that even that could not provide much comfort for long, for Avaklavir had approached Serilith, expressing concern over the expansion of their Creations' territories, and growing conflicts between Serilith's Noxirans and Avaklavir's Drükavir. Although Serilith argued the necessity of such conflicts to inspire growth, they ultimately relented, creating a new species to help deal with those who were too far gone in their sins. Thus, the Lithinvora were created, becoming the enforcers of Serilith's will.   However, it seemed not even this was enough to satisfy Avaklavir, as they seemed to avoid their sibling for some time, coming back years later with progeny of their own: the self-proclaimed Embodiment of Balance, Panasya. Serilith was surprised that their twin had a child in secret, and yet, this young Sidériah exhibited unusual behaviors. Their first act of creation brought forth the Wienavar, an unusual species whose state of being alarmed Serilith, for they were born without will of their own. This went against the natural order, a grand taboo that most Sidériah knew better than to cross. As these Wienavar began to hunt down Serilith's creations indiscriminately, the Lady of Chaos intervened, granting them freewill to aid in their evolution beyond mere beasts.   The conflict between the trio of Sidériah only grew more volatile, as the ever rising tension soon reached a head, leading to Panasya and Serilith clashing against one another. Though Serilith had the advantage of age and experience, they were blindsided by the arrival of Panasya's Sire, who not only restrained Serilith within their own realm, but disembodied their twin as well. Chained and imprisoned, the bindings that kept her prisoner within her own temple served another purpose: to feed energy into the wounded Panasya.   In desperation, Serilith cried to the very cosmos themselves, pleading for aid. Their voice, unfortunately, fell upon deaf ears, as if the entirety of their world and system were concealed within a dark veil. Within their realm, Serilith could feel that Panasya fed not only upon them, but their own Dam, and the very world of Ayvenfael itself. Without direct intervention soon, Serilith knew that the world they had helped to so lovingly craft, would be doomed.   With no other options, Serilith found themself willing to commit taboos on their own, going as far as to infuse their own essence in the egg of a Wienavar, hoping to create a child as a last resort to gather the mortals of the world and escape into the cosmos. Alas, even this plan seemed to crumble before them, as the Sire of that child was discovered by the religious clergy of the Wienavar and executed for treason, while their child seemed to vanish without a trace, their very survival left as an unknown.   This loss was yet another blow to Serilith, their hope beginning to dwindle along with their strength... until it seemed the cosmos itself presented them with something precious.   A precious Starlight, a Star Shepherd, had crashed upon Ayvenfael, and for the first time, Serilith could feel the call to their very soul... the resonance of a Nexus Bond...   Their hope had arrived, at last.
Divine Classification
Embodiment of Chaos
They / Them | She / Her
Dualsex / Gynandrous
Feminine Leaning
Ruby Sclera / Crimson Irises | Silver Pupils
White / Crimson Nebulae
17'4" - 38'1" (528.32 cm - 1,160.78 cm)
Greysexual / Demisexual / Greyromantic   Alignment
Chaotic Good - Chaotic Neutral

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