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Goddess Of Balance

"Why do you stand in the way of Balance? Do you not see how these Children cry in agony? How they long to be free from the pains inflicted by Chaos? We are the only one who remains who can keep her in check. We are the Balance they need. Their security, their salvation... Without us, this world would crumble into dust."
  The creator of the Wienavar race, Panasya is one of the three Overseers of Ayvenfael. Known as the Matron of the Night Sky, Panasya is said to reside within the stars, making sure that the night never falls completely into darkness.   Panasya appears to be rather reserved for the most part. They prefer to not show their emotions, and keeps a neutral expression upon their face most of the time.They are known by their Children to be a maternal deity who loves their Creations and enjoys seeing all races upon the world thrive within her sense of Balance.   To an extent, this is true. But while some of their actions may appear to be done out of kindness, others seem to serve far more selfish intentions.   As an extension of Avaklavir's Order, Panasya is far more rigid and controlling than they are. Everything must fit within the Balance they were created to maintain. To deviate away from it is considered a sin within their eyes.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Moonstones are considered to be a religious item for Wienavar, as they are meant to represent Panasya's iridescent wings, and her domain of the night sky. These items are often incorporated in jewelry, clothing, and hair accessories as a symbol of worship to their goddess. It is believed that wearing these items to bed can help ease the mind of the day's troubles, and encourage good dreams.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Panasya is androgynous in appearance, with long black and silver hair that drags across the ground. Blue nebula and stars shimmer like the night sky within their darker strands of hair. Their eyes are azure in color, with silver, slitted pupils that glow softly. Parts of their body are covered in obsidian and sapphire scales, which glow with a radiant blue light between the scale plates.
Divine Classification
Goddess of Balance
They / Them
Azure | Silver Pupils
Black / Silver | Blue Nebulae
34'7" (1,054.1 cm)
Ruled Locations
Sexuality: Pansexual | Aromantic

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