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Ayvenfael is a vast, beautiful, and young world that is home to many curious species. Created by Avaklavir, the Lord of Order, and Serilith, the Lady of Chaos, it was further brought to life with the aid of Panasya, the Lady of Balance.    However, the world itself is in peril. Conflicts between the three Creators have ended with Avaklavir being disembodied, Serilith imprisoned, and Panasya damaged. Yet, there seems to be more to the situation than what lies on the surface. Outside forces have been meddling with this world and its cosmic architects, entangling them in a far more sinister plot that could threaten the stability of the natural order.      
  This world is still a massive work in progress, and is currently being revamped! Please be patient as I work on getting everything written down. Some information may be outdated.